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Expensive diamonds–Top 14 costliest diamond in the world

World Expensive Diamonds:-

Diamonds has fascinated humans since advent of civilisation and is symbol of love. Diamonds which are now easily available in any top jewellery brands store near you and are part of a woman’s daily life as casual or formal wear. But some expensive diamonds attracted our attention in history based on some combination of some special characteristic followed by history of their owners and the fortunes they paid to own them. So, let’s find out…

Top 14 Most Expensive Diamonds in the World:-

1. Koh-I-Nor was mined from kollur mine on the banks of Krishna river, India in mughal era and owned by Delhi sultanate king babur. Since, then koh-i-noor changed many hands and still matter of dispute between India and Britain regarding its ownership. According to British govt. its gifted to Elizabeth by king of Punjab and Indian government says its being looted by Britishers.

Name Meaning: – Koh-I-Nor means “Mountain of Light”

    • Initial Weight: – 186 carats or 37.2 grams

    • Color: – White

    • Present Owner: – British Government.

    • Present Location: – Jewel House at Tower of London.



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2. The Sancy was believed to discovered in India based on cutting made on diamond which is typical to mughal era stones. And its original owner being Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. Since then the sancy changed many hands and finally resting in Apollo museum.

    • Name Meaning: –Named after first french owner “Nicolas de Harlay (seigneur de Sancy)”

    • Initial Weight: – 55.23 carats or 11.046 grams

    • Color: – Pale Yellow

    • Present Owner: – French Government

    • Present Location: – Apollo Museum, France


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3. The Cullinan is largest cut diamond in history of diamonds. Its first discovered in south African diamond mine in 1905. The cullinan was cut into two parts as cullinan I (530.4 carats) and cullinan II (317.4 carats) by ascher brothers amsterdam. Finally in total 9 diamonds are cut from single large rough the cullinan.

    • Name Meaning:-Named after mine chairman “Thomas Cullinan

    • Initial Weight:- 3106.75 carats or 621.35 grams

    • Color:- Transparent white

    • Present Owner:- French Government.

    • Present Location:- Apollo Museum, France.


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4. The Hope Diamond was owned by King Louis XIV purchased from Jean-Baptiste Tavernier who stole it from Indian statue. The hope diamond has history of curse to its owners from jean Baptiste to harry Winston.

    • Name Meaning:- named after Henry Philip Hope

    • Initial Weight:- 45.52 carats or 621.35 grams

    • Color:- Greyish Blue

    • Present Owner:- United States

    • Present Location:- Smithsonian Museum


5. The Centenary Diamond is one of the largest costliest diamond discovered in premier mine,south Africa and next to cullinan I & II. It’s first discovered in 1986.

    • Name Meaning:- Named in Centennial Celebration of De Beers

    • Initial Weight:- 273.85 carats or 54.77 grams

    • Color:- Colorless transparent.

    • Present Owner:- United Kingdom.

    • Present Location:- Tower of London.


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6. Millennium Star is second largest diamond in the world after the centenary diamond in terms of purity and color under ownership of De-beers. It was discovered in Zaire in 1990 and displayed after 10 years.

    • Name Meaning:- Derived from its display place

    • Initial Weight:- 203.04 carats or 40.60 grams

    • Color:- Colorless transparent

    • Present Owner:- United Kingdom

    • Present Location:- London’s Millenium Drove.



7. Daria-i-Noor like other great diamonds was discovered in India and originally owned by Kaktiya Dynasty and then owned by Shah Jahan. Finally Mohammad khan Qajar brought it to Iran.

    • Name Meaning:-”Sea of Light”

    • Initial Weight:- 182 carats or 36 grams

    • Color:- Pale Pink

    • Present Owner:- Central Bank of Iran

    • Present Location:- Iranian Crown Jewels.


8. Pink Star is mined by De beers in 1999 and was originally 132.5 carats to be named as Steinmetz Pink.

    • Name Meaning:- Based on color

    • Initial Weight:- 59.60 carats or 11.92 grams

    • Color:- Pink

    • Present Owner:- Chow Tai Fook Enterprises

    • Present Location:- China.



9. Golden Jubilee Diamond is first discovered in premier mine south Africa in 1985 by de beers and finally sold a group of thailand business men to be gifted to king of Thailand in 1995.

    • Name Meaning:- was named jubilee in 50th anniversary of the thailand king to throne.

    • Initial Weight:- 545.67 carats or 109.13 grams

    • Color:- Brown

    • Present Owner:-Thailand Royal Family

    • Present Location:-Royal Museum at Pimammek Golden Temple Throne Hall in Bangkok.

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10. Graff Vivid Pink diamond’s original owner was harry winston then after series of auctions its owned by Mr.Laurence Graff.

    • Name Meaning: – Based on color and owner

    • Initial Weight:- 24.78 carats or 4.95 grams

    • Color:- Pink

    • Present Owner:- Graff Diamonds

    • Present Location:- UK


11. The Princie was another great discovery from golcunda mine, India almost 300 years ago with many hands changed and finally sold by christie’s in 2008 to unknown auctioneer.

    • Name Meaning:-named by Pierre Arpels in Paris

    • Initial Weight:- 34.65 carats or 6.93 grams

    • Color:- Pink

    • Present Owner:- Unknown

    • Present Location:-Unknown.



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12. Jacob Diamond is known to have changed many hands like koh-i-noor without any history of violence.

    • Name Meaning:- First sold by Alexander Malcom Jacob

    • Initial Weight:- 184.75 carats or 36.90 grams

    • Color:- Colorless Transparent

    • Present Owner:- Government of India

    • Present Location:- Reserve Bank of India.


13. Tiffany Yellow Diamond is the world’s largest yellow diamond discovered in Kimberly mine in south Africa.

    • Name Meaning:- Owner and Color

    • Initial Weight:- 128.54 carats or 25.70 grams

    • Color:- Yellow

    • Present Owner:- Tiffany and Co.

    • Present Location:- Paris, France.


14. Orlov Diamond was first discovered in Indian Golconda mine and then changed many hands to reach its final owner Grigory Grigorievich Orlov.

    • Name Meaning:- Owner and Color

    • Initial Weight:- 189.62 carats or 37.924 grams

    • Color:- Transparent

    • Present Owner:- Russian Govt.

    • Present Location:- Moscow’s Kermlin Armoury.



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