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Top 10 Famous Indian Jewellery Designers

Top 10 Indian Jewellery Designers

The fame and glory of Indian jewellery is renowned globally. Right from traditional carvings to contemporary swatches, the creativity and aesthetics of Indian jewellery is unmatched. The craftsmanship and extensive use of precious materials and stones are the key points of attraction in Indian jewellery. India is famous in world platforms for the noteworthy designs and brilliant standards of Indian jewellery. There are large numbers of Jewellery Designers in India. The jewellery industry is extremely well proliferated in India and hence there are lots of designers. But among them, few have made it to the pinnacle of success because of their unique creativity.

Let us have a look at the Top 10 Jewellery Designers in India: –

  • Poonam Soni She is an excellent Jewellery designer who is based in Mumbai. Having born and brought up in Delhi, she was a gold Medalist from the University of Delhi. She was one of the first designers in India who introduced the concept of bespoke jewellery. Her designer jewellery has received much international appreciation. In the year 2011, her work was praised and showcased in eminent exhibitions where only 32 designers from across the world were allowed. The beautiful designs that she created were put forward in several exhibitions in Paris. Poonam Soni has revolutionised the concept of platinum jewellery in India. She has her label with collaborations of eminent celebrities.

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  • Farah Khan Ali: – she is a well-known celebrity jewellery designer in India. Essentially, She is a Gemologist. She studied in the gemological institute of America in California. She passed the course excellently and came into jewellery designing in the year 2004. Her initial clients were lots of Bollywood celebrities and their families. She has also designed for many international brands and her collections like Swarovski has indeed elicited her fame. She has been awarded the best designer awards numerous times by various prestigious institutions of India. Her style statement has also received considerable recognition and praise. Innumerable celebrities have showcased her designs in multiple events.



  • Suhani Pittie: -born and brought up in Kolkata, Suhana pittie is a Hyderabad based jewellery designer. She was an eminent student of gemological institute of America. She has been recognized as one of the most qualified and leading jewellery designers in India. More than a jewellery designer, her bewildering contributions in the field of gemology has made her fame more pronounced. She has her own Kolkata based gemstone training institute where students are taught the diamond and coloured stones grading, designing. She is perhaps the very first Indian designer who has showcased her work in the Miami fashion week.



  • Neelam Kothari She is one of the former actresses who turned her career paths to jewellery designing. Having started her career as a leading debut actress in the Bollywood industry, she shifted to designing jewellery. Her family had a prosperous and flourishing business of jewellery designing. From the very beginning, she had a keen interest in jewellery from her family business. Later on, when she quitted films, she took a brief professional training in jewellery designing and joined her family business. She started her label as Neelam jewels. Her designs are exquisite. She is known globally for having designed some of the jewellery masterpieces. Neelam Kothari fine jewels is her exquisite showroom. Pearls, rubies and diamonds are the chief components of her jewellery pieces.



  • Amrita Singh: – If there is some jewellery designer who can create a perfect blend of old gold jewellery with a piece of Mughal jewellery. Fashion group international has nominated her as the leading jewellery designer. The Mughal dynasty jewels are one of her prime areas of concern. The redesigning of old gold jewels with a contemporary touch is her trademark. She also designs various other jewel pieces, handbags and accessories all with a tinge of the royal Indian design and looks. Among her noteworthy ranges are Maharaja jewels. Innumerable Hollywood figures like Jennifer Lopez have flaunted her collections. Her brand even designs lucrative home décor items all on the same theme. Inspired by beautiful Indian traditional designs, Amrita Singh’s collection is indeed luxurious. 


  • Eina AhluwaliaShe is one of the most talented jewellery designers in India. Her label and creation are greatly associated with the Lakme fashion week. She mostly designs statement jewellery based on silver. Her collection is simple yet self-explanatory. She has worked on various international projects especially at designer houses of Amsterdam. Her creation is ravishing. Mind-blowing simplicity and stylish look are her specialities. The collection has a tinge of a contemporary look. Her creations are based on various periods in India. The artistic creations from her label is indeed conceptual and speak on behalf of her thoughts. The designs and sequences are redirected from the soul. Eina’s has become the face of extensive luxurious jewellery with a hint of class and sophistication. Apart from being a successful jewellery designer, she is also one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in India. She also consults for business marketing.

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  • Mira Gulati: – the jewellery designer who has introduced the widespread use of contemporary tinge in traditional Indian Jewellery Brands. Her creations reflect a modern appeal to the aesthetic traditional jewellery. Mira Gulati is a proclaimed gemologist having got a degree from the gemological institute of America. She was one of the first designers who developed designs and sequences that can cater to the demands of the world market and uplift the face of modern artificial jewellery brands in the world market. Luxurious collections that are attention-grabbing and soothing to the eyes are indeed one of the unique selling points of Mira Gulati’s brand. Indian classic jewellery has been effectively remodelled and customized to create a whole new fashion genre by her own label Mirari. Mira is an excellent entrepreneur who has successfully launched and kept up the standards of her brand. 

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  • Asha Kamal Modi She is one of the most experienced personalities in the world of Indian jewellery designing. She has been dedicatedly working for her label Art and Karat since the year 1988. Asha joined this industry when a statement or customized jewellery was not a familiar concept. Moreover, she practically brought around a renaissance in the concept of statement jewellery. The initial sole objective of her brand was to break the fascination of Indian women with gold and prioritize the enormous possibilities with sterling silver. Innumerable Bollywood films like Devadas, Padmavati and a lot of others all featured Asha as the jewellery designer. She has received a lots of prestigious awards including the president’s award. She has also been acclaimed as one of the most influential female entrepreneurs of India. Her work has reached abroad and she has even designed for the almighty empress Diana. The kind of classic elegance and luxurious taste that is reflected through her work is indeed breathtaking.



  • Alpana Gujral Daughter of the famous artist Satish Gujaral, she has revolutionized the Indian jewellery concept. The fine taste and classy outlook of art and aesthetics is attributed to her family background. She had completed her training in designing from Delhi School of Art. Initially she has stepped into garment designing, however slowly she discovered her keen interest in designing some ultimate classic pieces of jewellery. She mostly works on redefining the age-old Mughal era jewellery with a contemporary touch. According to her, the true spirit of Indian jewellery lies in its royalty, richness and grandeur. However, a fine-tuning between the ancient craftsmanship and today’s definition of art is to be created. It is the creation of this tuning that her label mostly focuses on. All her designs focus on the usage of colours in the grandest way. The signature designs of jewellery created by Alpana Gujaral is authentic and purely luxurious. 


  • Nitya Arora: – one of the youngest and leading entrepreneurs in the field of Indian Gems and Jewelry. She is a typical Mumbai girl and has studied fashion in New York. She is well known for her environmental concerns and legendary designs under her label VALLIYAAN. She has also won the Graziyan Young Designer award. Her label mostly concentrates on the reflection of Indian roots in the most contemporary and westernised way. Her creations are widely accepted and praised in the New York market. Her label is one of a kind because it is a demi-fine jewellery creation which is rare. The designs reflect widespread usage of texture. The intermingling of Indian basics with international spirituality is the unique point of her brand. Bold and beautiful designs are mostly seen in their creation list. The designs are exciting and futuristic. Most of the designs are handcrafted with exquisiteness. A huge number of celeb personas from Bollywood to Hollywood have endorsed her pieces. 



Jewellery is in the vein of India. With changing trends in the taste of people, there is a new era of Indian jewellery that is gaining pace. The above designers are well known and celebrated because they are helping to accelerate this pace.


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