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Gold Jewellery Types – Colored, Contemporary And Fusion

All About Gold Jewellery types :-

Gold and Gold jewellery has fascinated humans since the beginning of civilization on the earth can be Aryans, Romans, afghans etc.

Gold jewellery has evolved over the years from handcrafted jewellery made with a simple tool in a primitive era to use high technology modern day casting making beautiful designs every day for today’s stylish women.

In primitive eras gold not only used for jewellery but also as coins and articles for e-commerce as barter for other goods as grains, rice, utensils, spices etc. Even in modern era valuation of central banks is calculated based on gold reserves as currency back up.

Gold and gold made jewellery has never lost its importance even in today’s digital world when physical assets already lost their importance still gold never lost its shine and will never. Also, gold jewellery brands in the world always woo women for ages.

Let’s come to the point of discussing types of gold jewellery available for women beautification in today’s world which as we have discussed evolved over the years as…

Types of Gold Jewellery :-

  • Plain Gold Jewellery
  • Textured Gold Jewellery
  • Colored Stone Gold Jewellery
  • Temple Jewellery
  • Contemporary Designer Gold Jewellery
  • Fusion Gold Jewellery

Before going in detailed discussion about types of gold jewellery as mentioned above lets first find out answers to some questions as:-

How pure gold is transformed to make jewellery articles?

Pure gold is soft enough to be crafted in jewellery articles, therefore some other metals are mixed in gold to make it hard so that it can be beaten with hammers and can face heat for design marking on a metal surface. The other metals are called alloys to be mixed in gold in fixed proportions for jewellery making purpose.

How the purity of gold is calculated?

Gold in natural form is calculated in Karats and percentage as per table below: –

o        24Karats o        99.99999%
o        22Karats o        91.6666%
o        20Karats o        83.3333%


  • Gold is mostly made in above-mentioned gold purities for other types of diamond jewellery lesser purity gold is used with more of alloys as per assigned chemistry.
  • In market jewellery charge customers prices as per purity, even nowadays gold association fixes prices for every day which is universal for a country so, that consumers remain confident of a genuine deal.

How to check the purity of gold?

  • Some years ago jewellers use black stone called as “Kasoti” to judge the purity of gold based on their experience and not on any fix standards, but nowadays XRF machines are available to judge exact purity of gold using X-Ray technology.
  • Even in countries like India government has made Hallmarking of gold a compulsion.

What is the difference between the old and latest jewellery making techniques?

Even some decades ago handmade jewellery using some tools with skills learned from their ancestors and father but with technological advancement, jewellery making has transformed over the years using CAD, CAM and casting to transform gold in beautiful jewellery pieces.

Which types of articles can be made using a gold metal?

Gold can be transformed in almost each and every jewellery article as Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Head ornaments, Waist Ornaments and almost everything.

Now we have understood the complete concept of Gold Metal now let’s come to varieties of gold jewellery marked in today’s world based on design variations available as mentioned above: –


  1. Plain Gold Jewellery is about plain metal golden metal transformed in different design themes inspired from nature as floral elements, Indian architecture, monuments etc with sometimes use of enamel for more beautification and designing. It can be made in 22 KT or 20KT in everything as necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants etc.
  2. Textured gold is designer gold jewellery with different modern designs with textures as rough texture, hammering texture, embossing on a plain gold metal surface for more shiny and unique patterns.
  3. Coloured Gold jewellery is made using gold as other types of jewellery but with some additions of precious stones as ruby benefits, sapphires, and pearls etc for more beautification and designer look for today’s women.
  4. Temple is jewellery is gold jewellery articles mostly prevalent in southern parts of India with God scriptures transformed in pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings etc. God’s as Krishna, Laxmi, Ganesha, Balaji faces and idols made using gold with hand tools or casting technology with sometimes addition of precious gemstones for more beautification and shimmer.
  5. Latest evolved form of gold jewellery is contemporary designer gold jewellery with unique and thematic inspired designs fulfilling needs today’s modern independent female looking for light weighted and fashionable jewellery.
  6. Fusion gold jewellery is the latest form of designer jewellery for different occasions and clothes types as indo-western jewellery, semi-precious stones jewellery etc in lightweight for easy and comfortable wear.

Last and another very important point associated with gold jewellery is it investment value which till today makes it most demanded jewellery metal based on return it offers to buyers. And definitely, it’s associated with our tradition with countries like India with the highest gold consuming country in the world to a level impacting GDP of the nation.

Gold is there since ages and will be there for many more generations to come.


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