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Peridot Stone benefits

Peridot Stone benefits Peridot is a gemstone belonging to the larger mineral family of Olivine. The color of peridot is mostly pale green but at times it may also be bottle green. Often it is confused with emerald due to the color. However, the color can be easily distinguished based on the shades. Peridots have …


Sapphire gemstone benefits

Benefits of wearing Sapphire gemstone:- Sapphire is known as the problem-solving stone. A quality sapphire can bring good luck to your life and that too very quickly. Sapphire can impact your experience strongly and put an end to every ongoing trouble in your life, particularly those related to money. 1. If the position of Saturn …


Amethyst gemstone benefits

Benefits of the amethyst gemstone:- Amethyst is a very well-known variety of quartz. Everyone is fascinated by the sparkling violet color of the stone.  It is the birthstone for the people of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Initially amethyst was very expensive and its price matches with top expensive diamonds in the world but later on …


Garnet stone benefits

Benefits of garnet gemstone:- A fiery stone which energies your life and surrounds your life with a shield of protection is a Garnet. Priests have been recommending garnets since time immemorial to soldiers because it was a common belief that wearing this translucent stone can protect you against wounds and heal them. If you don’t …