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Jewellery Designing Types-Sketching v/s Designing softwares

Types of Jewellery Designing:-

Are you looking for career in jewellery industry?

But don’t know the entry route, then this article will solve your trouble and help you in entering ever rising export oriented gems & jewellery industry.

The trick for entering in any industry or business lies in understanding or learning about it and jewellery is no more exception, this lands to you another question: –

What to learn and more know how about the same?

For jewellery industry in particular let’s throw some light on basic working of gems & jewellery industry like manufacturing, technology etc as this will help us arriving at a decision.

Jewellery is related to fashion industry and is very important accessory in enhancing overall beauty and look on an individual either a man or a woman. It’s not just about looks only but related to human tradition of showing riches. Nowadays, jewellery is a good source of investment because materials or metals used to manufacture are precious and mostly fetched good monetary returns to owner in form of appreciated value.

Being part of fashion industry for jewellery products like any apparel or garment, the design is core and most important step in final outcome of manufacturing.

Jewellery designing requires a lot of learning and some technical know how of manufacturing as well, also nowadays, there is lot of technical advancement like advanced softwares/tools are being employed in designing. In all to be a jewellery designer one need to learn from basic hand sketching to advanced software and from basic model making to usage of advance machinery.

There are lot of jewellery designing institutes in India and abroad as well offering different courses suitable to needs of students, even some Indian and domestic universities offers long and short term courses for jewellery enthusiasts and students. A lot online learning for jewellery designing courses are available but being a practical product oriented industry classroom learning plays an important role.

Before choosing any design course either India or abroad one must be familiar with basic parts of this course and then as per requirement or budget one can select course or institute for the same.

Hand Sketching

  • This is the initial step towards your becoming the best jewellery designer in India, whatever technological advancement jewellery or designing has made but pen pencil sketching is the foremost and most important part of jewellery design course.
  • The importance of this basic learning lies in understanding jewellery and manufacturing related aspects from scratch using pencil and papers. As a basic step students are taught to draw stones following standard dimensions using standard scale and pencil, this will help in learning what are the standard stones shapes and sizes, which in future can be applied on different jewellery designs.
  • In this step student also learn about various stones and design related aspects as types of metal followed by understanding of their color, different types and causes of colors in gemstones and their studding in jewellery design.
  • Hand sketching is must do part of jewellery design syllabus for each and every design school or institution and skipping this step will land in copying designs from online which is not a good idea because fashion is all about serving clients with something fresh and new always otherwise you will loose to competition.

Designing Softwares

Each and every industry is impacted with technological advancement using software’s for different manufacturing processes with jewellery industry being no exception, software’s are using in almost each and every process of jewellery manufacturing from casting to plating or polishing. All advanced machines of jewellery manufacturing as casting, metal melting, stone setting etc are software based.

For jewellery designing a lot of new and advanced software’s are being used nowadays with three of them being majorly used are: –

  • Coral draw:-

It is widely used software for other designing industries as graphic design, fashion/garments/apparel design, etc, also used in jewellery design by top famous jewellery designers as next step to hand sketching, sometimes being used as replacement to pen and pencil design.

But designs made on coral aren’t suitable for machine based model making which some years ago is done using hand tools and now done using 3-D printing machine using software’s as Rhinoceros.

  • Rhinoceros:- 

It is also widely used software accepted from auto industry where it is being used for making various auto ancillary parts and jewellery industry use this software for converting hand sketches to 3-Dimensional printable designs for various model making machines.

  • Matrix:-

It is software language which a jewellery design student must learn to convert rhinoceros designs into 3D printable machine understood design format. Learning this software is not very compulsory but is important and can be learned in combination with rhinoceros software.

To be a professional jewellery one need to learn all above mentioned parts of designing process, then one can for learning basics of jewellery manufacturing which is mostly part of long term diploma or degree courses run by various universities and government approved colleges.

As learner students can for short terms courses for some reputed institutes nearby or can go a package of courses in form of 3 years degree courses or advanced diploma.

Here is list of some internationally reputed jewellery learning institutes or colleges:

  1. GIA (Gemological Institute of America), America
  2. IGI (International Gemological Institute),Antwerp, Belgium
  3. GII (Gemmological institute of India),India
  4. HRD Antwerp, Belgium
  5. NIFT, India
  6. NID,India
  7. IIGJ, India


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