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Jewelry Care tips & Advice | How to Clean jewellery

Jewelry Care


….and God said ‘AMEEN’ and gave jewelry that power to express everything, to tell a story without a single word- a non-verbal communication of style.

 Jewelry is like a biography, a story that tells many chapters of our life.  Jewelry has the power to be one little thing that makes you feel unique.

There is a famous saying, “It’s impossible to know women, completely”, and definitely you never really know a woman until you have seen her jewelry. For HER………………..


Thus, we can clearly say that there is great importance of jewelry in women’s life.  Love for jewelry is something that women have inherited. It’s like, women without jewelry is incomplete; her beauty is incomplete and is missing with something major in her confidence and style.

Yes, it’s true that jewelry is the best and most expensive gift that a husband can give to his wife, but no gift can come up to this level to impress your only lady luck.

As it is the most expensive thing, it Need Proper Care

Let’s now talk about tips  to care about lovable, very special and favourite collection of your jewelry.

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Tips about How to Clean jewelry quickly, easily and safely are listed below:

  • CHECK YOUR JEWELLERY FREQUENTLY:- Ladies, it’s a humble request to take out some time for your jewelry too, to have a good look at them- especially the most precious and delicate ones. Sterling silver jewelry is most likely to be tarnished.

  • WASH YOUR JEWELRY:- wash your jewelry carefully with warm water and a bit of gentle liquid soap (castile soap, woolens soap or hands soap with no moisturiser or harm chemicals only must be used) You can clean jewelry with a soft cloth or bristled brush to get grim out of crevices. Drying jewelry is equally important as washing it, so recommended to dry them as quickly as possible.

  • TARNISH REMOVAL:- sterling silver and lower carats of gold jewellery are particular will tarnish over time.  Use a precious metal polishing cloth to remove it. Then, rinse and dry your piece of jewelry quickly, to remove any chemical residue.

  • SILVER DIP FOR STERLING SILVER:- It’s easily available at your local supermarket, l pharmacy or hardware’s shop. Silver chains can be cleaned easily with this method. Also, rinse and dry your every piece of jewelry quickly, once you are done.

  • STORE JEWELLERY CAREFULLY:- DON’T EVER STORE METAL JEWELRY IN HUMID place. Keep your jewelry in a pouch, small jewelry box and jewelry made with delicate stonework should be covered in cotton pads and then stored in jewelry boxes or similar.

  • SORT YOUR JEWELRY BEFORE STORING:- It will not only let you use different cleaning methods but will also let you maintain them in a proper manner.

In the following manner, you can take good care of your every kind of jewelry:-

  • Avoid exposing your jewelry to everyday chemicals like hair products, perfumes, direct sunlight, etc.
  • Avoid using extra harsh cleaning methods or cleaners on your jewelry.
  • Be careful with light and heat. Never work in the kitchen by putting on jewelry.
  • While traveling, protect your jewelry from scratches or other damages by padding them in cotton and in separate boxes.
  • Jewelry should be checked once in every six months and cleaned as per requirement.
  • Check claws and stones settings in your expensive diamond jewelry regularly. Loosening of claws is the first sign of weakening. Get them repaired quickly.
  • Never wrap your jewelry in plastic.

I hope, these tips can help you in keeping your precious jewelry healthy, beautiful and shining. Keep on adding sparkle to your jewelry collection and to your beauty, style, and confidence for many more years to come.





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