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Changing Trends in Bridal Jewellery

Every Woman on this Planet Starts Dreaming about her D-Day as soon as she achieves the Perfect age to get married or when her Parents start her groom Search. She Dreams about her Wedding Dress, her Wedding Jewellery , her Skin Care routine, her life with husband, her wedding Venue, how she will be able to make herself look not only beautiful but mesmerizing on her dream-day. Every Bride Wishes to leave a little Sparkle and to draw all her eyes. Her Wedding dress, Bridal look, Bridal accessories and her Bridal Jewellery– Everything Comes together and Unleash her inner Sparkle.
So, after choosing her dream wedding dress. It’s time for her to Choose the perfect and right Wedding Jewellery. The most important role in making a bride look radiantly beautiful is played by her Bridal Jewellery. It is a very personal gift which every bride gifts herself and Entire life recalls the Common love and connection which she shared with her husband as his wife in a Unique Way. Traditionally, Jewellery represents a symbol of Prestige wedding wealth and Power.

Every Piece of Wedding Jewellery that bride Wears has its Importance and symbolizes something culturally, traditionally and religiously. A Bride Wears Immense Variety of Jewellery like Bangles, Bajuband, Kamarbandh, Necklace, Earrings, Wedding Ring, Anklets, Maang Tikkas, Toe Rings, Mangalsutra.
Although the types or Varieties of Wedding Jewellery has never changed the trends and styles of Bridal Jewellery has Undergone major Evolution over the years. Even with changing trends, brides have managed to retain the traditional heritage and Craftsmanship of her every bridal jewellery piece.
Earlier in most of the families, brides also wore a hair loom piece handed down through generations. In India, with time brides kept on choosing different popular kinds of Bridal Jewellery like temple Jewellery, Enamelled Meenakari Jewellery, Gold Jewellery Kundan and Polki etc. Nowadays, brides don’t even hesitate in experimenting Jadau with their D-day look. These Bold Brides are even ready to try for designs influences from the west. Today’s generation brides are blind followers of Bollywood celebs in choosing their bridal look. So, now a day’s every kind of replicas are available for today’s Kind of girls, Replicas of Lehengas or replicas of Jewellery.

Today’s brides are more fashion cautious they even don’t mind wearing Artificial jewellery Brands Jewellery on their wedding with an important point is the perfect match of jewellery with attire for picture-perfect moments. Now, Let’s bring in the limelight some Bridal jewellery trends to choose from the latest mesmerizing special day.

  1. Diamond Styles: – For bridal jewellery, some girls want to look bright and classy, therefore, shimmering diamond-studded choker combined with long set adorned with big dangler earring is the perfect choice for you. Haathphool is an optional choice but single line diamond bangles with the cocktail ring are must for an accomplished look. You look more modern with each studded stone adding shimmer and shine to your persona.
  2. Plain Gold Styles: – Some brides love to look traditional mostly in the western and southern part of India and for the same plain gold hand made jewellery is the option. For a perfect golden traditional look, you need match your wedding saree with a bridal set which includes choker necklace, medium length necklace, long necklace, dangler earring, haathphool, bangles, Kamar bandh, Payal, bichiya and more can be added to this set as per tradition and need, for example:- South Indian bride can add chooti to this set for a more golden look. 
  3. Kundan Polki Styles: – The most classy and very much in trend is Kundan Polki jewellery, it can be Gold diamond made or artificial jewellery whatever it is but design and perfect match with attire is important and has nothing to do with state or tradition, it has to do with something is your liking for it. Even exclusive Bridal Brands like Sabyasachi has selected this style of jewellery for all its brides even to important brides like Deepika Padukone, isha Ambani etc. In Kundan Meena jewellery you can select any combination of jewellery but the most demanding is a big designer necklace made using various sizes of polkis perfectly studded in metal with coloured stones hanging covering your complete neck. Long Polki necklace can be worn with this necklace adorning more heavy look to your attire.A perfect bride can opt for nothing less than Kundan Polki jewellery for rich look no one can even imagine.



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