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Gold,Diamond & Gemstone Jewellery Buying Guide

Jewellery Buying Guide:-

Hey ladies!!! Wondering to Buy Jewellery for special day or occasion but don’t know which style and design is for you, so you need not to worry as we have answer to your question.

The tagline before shopping for yourself doesn’t lies in following celeb trends but the style and attire suits you personality, how you wanna look or may be your beloved lover wanna see you like.

Follow your heart and linking as you’re woman of 22nd century and you are a persona!!!

So, lets listen to our heart and arrive on a decision of selecting perfect jewelry piece of Indian Jewellery Designers for special day and picture perfect moment of lifetime.

The first foremost thing which help you in deciding is, THE EVENT, for which you’re styling, it can be festival or celebration or special occasion, let’s try to find out some basic events for which you need to prepare. And then according to event decide the dress theme.

Secondly according to the event decide THE DRESS and look you wanna achieve.

For traditional events like Sagai or Shadi, traditional outfits like lehenga or indo-western dresses with heavy work on them will work good. But for friends birthday to be celebrated at cool place you may select western outfit like single short dress etc.

Now, lets come to our main point of looking rich, royal and affluent by selecting THE JEWELRY piece highlighting your overall looks.

Jewellery adds glitter, shimmer, shine, richness and brightness to your personality, and this is point the where most females makes mistake in selecting right Jewel piece. Jewelry can be a just accessory but without jewellery is like Home made cake without any beauty and taste. Jewellery is like icing and Cherry on the cake.

How to Buy Jewelry?

Here, we will help you in segregation and selection of perfect jewelry piece for you and for the purpose we will segregate the jewellery in two main heads: –

Themes of jewelry is associated with the event and dress you selected and can be looked upon as: –

  • Traditional

  • Western/Modern

  • Fusion

Types of jewellery is about making and looks each variety available: –

  • Plain Gold Jewelry

  • Diamond/Colored Gems tones Studded Jewellery

  • Kundan Polki Jewelry

  • Oxidised silver/gold jewellery (Antique Jewelry)

The above mentioned segregation of jewelry is actually intermixed into each other and lets understand how, this will finally help us in understanding and buying more about jewellery.

  1. Plain Gold, Diamond and Kundan Polki are types of traditional jewelry.

  2. Diamonds and colored stones studded jewelry can be modern/western also based on design and make of the jewellery piece.

  3. Fusion jewelry for example is combination of Diamonds and kundan Polki elements with colored used for appealing designer outcome.

  4. Plain gold can be used to make western jewelry without any stone embellishment.

How to Buy Gold, Diamond & Gemstone Jewellery?

Last but an important factor to understand before arriving on conclusion is clear understanding of materials as Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum), Diamonds and Colored Stones.


  • Gold: – Gold is the most sought after metal and India is second largest consumer of gold and highest importer nation in the world and purity of gold is calculated in Karats. Important factor while buying gold is “Hallmark” which is being compulsory by Government of India. You just need check if jewellery you’re purchasing is hallmarked or not.
  • Silver: – Silver metal is used to make affordable jewellery for you, and silver jewellery is usually made in 92.5% silver for better life and durability.
  • Platinum: – Platinum is most expensive metal being rare metal and its in trend in western nations mostly but this trend suddenly picking in India also. Simple designs like single solitaire rings, small pendants etc. Mostly platinum jewellery is 950pt which is about 950 parts of platinum out of 1000 in your jewellery.
  • Diamond: – Diamonds value is calculated as 4C’s which is as below

    • Color: – Color is about purity white color of polished/finished diamond studded in your jewellery and is measured on scale from D-Z color grades, with D color being most expensive.

    • Clarity: – Clarity is about transparency and internal flaws in finished diamond and is graded from Internally Flawless to Included “I Graded” Diamonds.

    • Cut: – Cut is about perfection of finished/polished diamond studded in your jewelry piece, this “C” impacts brightness and light a diamond reflects and cut being graded from Excellent to Poor cut diamonds.

    • Carat Weight: –Carat weight is about weight of diamond stone which is weighted in carats on standard weighing machines installed in each and every jewelry store. For better understanding 1 Carat=200mg.

All above factors used to grade and then price diamonds studded in your jewelry piece, also ,there are some international standards to price diamonds like gold.

  • Colored Gemstones: These are naturally colored stones finished and polished in different shapes and sizes to give your jewelry piece a colorful attractive beautiful look, you can match you dress color with stone color embellished in jewellery.

  • Colored stones combined with diamonds are very much in trend now a days, since these are being used in kundan polki jewelry since ages.

  • Colored stones are available in thousands of varieties but mostly rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls are mostly used in jewelry as per design and stones availability.

Ladies!! don’t think and carry your purses or cards and let’s visit store nearby but still before stepping out you can spare sometime online to search for design Changing Bridal Jewellery trend in market to make your purchase perfect and worth spending.


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