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Top 10 best quality sunglasses brands in the world

Best Sunglasses brands:-

An alluring pair of sunglasses can not only elevate your style quotient but is a necessity. Your shades play a large role in creating your ultimate look and one simply cannot compromise with the quality or the look of the sunglasses. The shape, colour, finish of the sunglasses are all important parameters in determining the ultimate look. Good flagships guarantee a long life and classic look of the sunglasses.

Let us have a look at the best sunglasses brands from around the world:-

1. Michael Kors :-

Every fashion monger is highly obsessed with this brand. MK is not only the manufacturer of the best totes across the globe, it is also known for the superbly stylish shades that it produces. If you want sophisticated shades that will reflect class and style, Michael Kors is one of the best sunglasses brand. The ranges of sleek sunglasses from this brand are simply chic and marvellous. So, MK is the first one in the list.

CEO – John D. Idol


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2. Ray Ban:-

It would literally be a sin if one does not mention this brand while talking about sunglasses. Ray Ban has something for everyone. No one is practically disappointed with Ray Ban. Right from huge sea beach frames to chic corporate wears, from burgundy frames to solid black colours, this is the most versatile brand when it comes to shades. Ray Ban has a huge collection of wayfarers, aviators and various other styles. Whatever be your face shape or your requirement you will always find something with the Ray Ban stores.

CEO – Ray-Ban Milleri

Bentonville Arkansas

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3. Prada :-

Another brand with a wide collection and a huge fame in the fashion world. Prada can be synonymous with brave, bold and innovative designs. If you are planning to go for anything out of the box, unique and unmatched then Prada is the brand for you. Fashionable and trendy frames to suit the need of every occasion is the Unique Selling Point of Prada. The designs from this brand are not really the classic ones. Prada in fact is the trend setter in the world of sunglasses. If there is any brand that can go crazy experimental takes featuring everything irregular, it is Prada.

CEO –Patrizio Bertelli

HEADQUARTERS –Milano, Lombardy


4. COACH :-

This is the brand for the classic lovers. If you are in love with the timeless oversized silhouettes, do not forget to check out the collection of this brand. This is a heritage brand that mostly focuses on retaining the classic shapes when it comes to sunglasses. The styles are pretty much the same as they had been years back but old is gold and especially the gigantic and old school frames can simply add that classic silver lining to your style quotient. The luxurious finish and colors of the shades reflect class and sophistication.

CEO – Todd Kahn

HEADQUARTERS – Milano, Lombardy

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5. Tory Burch :-

The uniqueness of this brand lies in reforming old designs with a modern touch. They have a really contemporary take on the timeless classic pieces. So, that way it becomes a perfect fusion of the old and new and creates even better vibes. Their designs are distinguishing and reflect a variation in the colour, texture and designs. So, for those people who do not love much alteration in the Sunglass designs yet want something a bit more trendy can opt for this brand.

CEO – Pierre-Yves Roussel



6. Gucci :-

Is there even a need to introduce the brand?

Absolutely not. If you love to create an absolutely dramatically bold look for yourself, then Gucci Sunglasses are the best. Create that trendy look that no one expected. Gucci launches some stunning colours, shocking shapes and completely out of the box features for the sunglasses. The shapes and colors are bold. Not everyone loves the strong punch of Gucci Sunglasses but those who are unafraid can easily go with this globally famous brand.

CEO – Marco Bizzarri

HEADQUARTERS –Florence, Tuscany

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7. Oakley :-

If you are looking for the perfect sports sunglasses that features world class technology, this is the ultimate brand. With high end technology ruling our lives in this era, why not the sunglasses feature the same. Oakley has come up with unique, stylish sunglasses appropriate for all kinds of sports activities. You can participate in all types of adventure sports with the Oakley sunglasses. Do not think that they produce mundane looking shades, the shades are unlimited stylish.

CEO – Francesco Milleri

HEADQUARTERS –Foothill Ranch, California


8. Burberry :-

As a brand, Burberry is a combination of fine details and extravagant style. They mostly feature various timeless iconic designs in their collection. This one is also an old school brand that mainly works on the ageless classic designs. Many models across the world feature this brand on the runways. You won’t really find anything bizarre from this brand but they are more into preservation of the classical shapes and designs of the sunglasses.

CEO – Marco Gobbetti

HEADQUARTERS –London, England


9. Versace :-

Have you already fallen in love with the famous Medusa design from Versace or you still haven’t had a look at it. If not, then quickly check out the ultra bold and dramatic shades from Versace. Versace shades have long been the global best sellers of shades and the fashion image they create through sunglasses is literally amazing. A sunglass is one of the most interesting pieces of accessory that can transform your entire look and Versace Sunglasses are really out of the box.

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CEO – Jonathan Akeroyd

HEADQUARTERS –Milano, Lombardy


10. Miu Miu :-

For those fashionistas, who want to be the trend setter by featuring such pieces that nobody ever thought of wearing, this is the ideal brand. They turn crazy combinations into stylish hits and marvellous stylish accessories. They create shapes and colours that will blow off your mind. From dazzling retro looks to luxurious pieces, Miu Miu is a versatile brand with plenty of collections for everyone.

CEO – Benedetta Petruzzo



These were the top 10 brands of Sunglasses across the globe. Each of the brands offer a wide variety of sunglasses with a plethora of styles, shapes, colors and frames. Whatever be your taste, you will definitely find something in their box.


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