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Top Indian Jewellery exhibitions,shows and fairs.

Indian Jewellery Exhibitions:-

India is indeed one of the top global markets for jewellery. India is acclaimed as a ground for successful jewellery brands both nationally and internationally. There are multiple jewellery exhibitions held in India throughout the year. Most of these are extremely successful. Jewelry exhibitions in India are held in almost every scale and could be both B2B and B2C in nature. Let us have a look at the best jewellery shows that happen in India. Most of the shows are quite happening and they are a sink of great trade and commerce:-

Top Jewellery exhibitions,shows and fairs in India

1. IIFJAS – (India International Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show):-

It occurs in Mumbai and is an elementary exhibition in establishing the relationship between the Indian and International Gems World. It is a multidisciplinary exhibition that features not only jewellery but also other luxury fashion items like costumes and accessories.

Venue – Mumbai

Month – September

2.  JJS – (Jaipur Jewellery Show):-

The Jaipur Jewelry show is one of the most popular jewellery exhibitions in India and it is held in Jaipur which is the leading jewelry capital of India. This show is considered as one of the largest B2B and B2C exhibitions in India. This is an international platform and the show witnesses a huge number of visitors and exhibitors from across the globe. The aim of the show is to create a pioneering platform in the jewelry world and also open new directions for international marketing of jewellery items.

Venue – Jaipur

Month – December

3. JAS – (Jaipur Association Show):

JAS(Jaipur Jewellery show) is one of the most famous fashion shows of India held in the historic capital of Jaipur. This show elaborates an unique stage of the manifestation of precious, exquisite gems and jewelry. It is a well known platform for showcasing the unique relics and precious gemstones. It is a congregation point for the jewellery traders and enthusiasts to converge at a single point and proliferate the gems and jewelry marketing across the globe. It is usually a 4 days event starring various gems and jewellery collection and unrevealing the glittering world of Indian jewelry globally.

Venue – Jaipur

Month – October

4.  DJGF- (Delhi Jewellery gems and fair):-

Delhi Jewellery gems and fair is one of the most popular gems and jewellery exhibitions held in India. It is a B2B exhibition and probably one of the largest and most prominent exhibitions occurring in India. People from across the world join this exhibition. It usually takes place in Delhi – the capital city. The arrangements usually remain gigantic and a large number of professionals associated with the world of gems and jewelry join this Event.

Venue – Delhi

Month – End of September or starting of October

5. GJIIF: – Gem and Jewellery India International Fair:-

This is the international B2B jewellery trade fair. The aim of this event is to promote the changing trends of gems and jewellery in the global platform and also to expose the professionals of this industry with the various aspects of the industry. This is usually a collaborative arrangement by All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council and Madras Jewellers and Diamond Merchants Association. This is a great platform to become aware of the latest market updates.

Venue – Chennai

Month – April

6. COUTURE INDIA Jewellery Expo:-

COUTURE Jewelry Expo is the other name of luxurious jewellery. It is the most well known exclusive jewellery exhibition in India. This exhibition mostly targets the elite society as their audience and is indeed the best heritage brand participating in this exhibition. The main objective of this particular exhibition is to promote designer and premium jewelry.

Venue city – New Delhi

Month – October

7. Asia Jewels Fair:-

This exhibition occurs in South India and the venue is usually Bangalore. As the name suggests, this is a widely based jewellery exhibition. The main theme of this fair remains the showcase of fine and exquisite gold and diamond jewelry. It usually occurs twice a year. The platform is open for both the trade personals and the general public. You can check out their website for more details on the venue and the whereabouts of the exhibition. This fair is mostly niche based and a great place for people to find out exclusive jewellery based on gold and diamond.

Venue – Bangalore

Month – February

8. Gujarat Jewellery and Gem Fair:-

This is a professionally organised jewelry trade fair. The exhibition is B2B in nature. This has remained a great place for the showcase of fine gems and jewellery. If you are one of those who looking for a plethora of jewelry that exhibits fineness and superior craftsmanship, this exhibit is a must-visit. Apart from gold jewellery, the gemstone industry finds a robust representation through this exhibition.

Various luxury gemstone items manifested through beautiful representation on silver or pearl items are also available in this exhibition. It usually takes place in Hyderabad. The luxury mineral industry is also an active part of this exhibition. This is a widely appreciated exhibition and has a wide visitor base.

Venue – Hyderabad

Month – December

9. Time’s Asia Wedding Fair:-

Want to have a glimpse of the best wedding jewellery?

This is the perfect place. Jewellers from across the country and from outside the country visit this exhibition to showcase some of the best wedding collections. For Asians, the wedding still remains as that glorified event where luxury gems and jewelry is best appreciated. So, wedding jewellery remains the ultimate epitome of beauty and glory associated with gems and jewelry. The Time’s Asia Wedding Fair is dedicated to wedding jewellery.

Venue – Manglore

Month – January

10. Gujarat Gold Jewellery Shows:-

Gujarat is well known for its contribution to the jewellery world. This Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show is an internationally acclaimed for the showcase of Indian Gold. This is almost a tribute to the predominance of Gold in the Indian Jewellery Genre. It occurs in Gujarat and is visited by a wide number of visitors including eminent businessmen.

Venue – Gandhinagar

Month – January


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