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Different Varieties, Styles Or Types of Tops Names for Women with Pictures

Attention: Trendsetters will surely wish to ramp up their wardrobes. A complete wardrobe cannot be established without introducing different kinds of tops.

Tops are the foundational base of any outfit and are known for being versatile, chic, and comfortable. The best thing about tops is that if you have a perfect set of different types of tops, you can make many outfits from them.

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While you can repeat the jeans in your wardrobe, you cannot do that with tops. And there are a lot of options from which you can choose from. Whether you are trying to add some trendy and evergreen tops to revamp your wardrobe or simply buying a new one, here are a few tops that are a must for every wardrobe.

Types of Tops –

Crop Top

If we are to talk about the types of tops for women, the first thing that comes to mind is crop tops. This has gained huge popularity now, and is here to stay.

If you want an edgy and chic look and show off your midriff, crop tops are the next best thing you can do for your wardrobe. From button-down to tie-front, you will come across diverse choices. They are known for being a versatile option and are perfect for any occasion.

Cami Top

Cami tops are the perfect option for people who are looking for different types of tops for women. It is a kind of top that can be worn with almost anything, and the versatility of it makes it ideal for both play and work.

Whether you wish to look comfortable and casual for work or you are trying to look casual yet elegant for an evening out with your friends, Cami tops let you have it both ways.

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Tank Top

If you are looking for the types of tops for teenage girl that will give your outfit a chic style, Tank Tops are the perfect option for you.

Whether you are planning to go out on a hot summer day or looking for something that can be a layer underneath the blazer or cardigan, tank tops are both functional and trendy.

You can pair it up with skirts or shorts for a cool chic look, or you can take inspiration from Jennifer Aniston from friends and rock that famous tank top and jeans look.

Tube Top

Known as the most versatile and oldest tops for women, tube tops come in different forms and are meant to be worn with everything.

That being said, the solid, banded, and striped versions are great when you are just looking for a casual top that can go well with the bottoms. For example, striped tops are a great option if you are looking for a unique top that practically goes with anything.

From wearing it with a suit to wearing it with a favorite pair of sweats, tube tops can be a great option if you are considering types of tops for girls.

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Cold Shoulder Top

These unique and fashionable tops show off your slender shoulders while still keeping the comfort game on top.

These elegant tops come in many different styles, such as cut-out, ruffled, and off-shoulder. It makes them perfect for any occasion. The best place where you can rock these trendy tops is when you are going to a party on a weekend.

One Shoulder Top

Looking for something fun yet flirty on your search to see ‘types of tops women?’

One shoulder top is the greatest answer to your search, as they are a perfect mix of cute and sexy. Whether you are planning a date with your significant other after a long week of work, or maybe it is a much-awaited night out with your gal pals after a long while, these tops are perfect for any sort of night you plan.

In terms of patterns, fabric, and colours, many options are available with these tops. You can get hold of the one that you feel suits your personality the best.

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Peplum Top

If you are looking for something with different designs and patterns, Peplum Tops is the best option. No matter what you are wearing it with, it will give the impression to the others as if you are wearing a dress. Since it looks so elegant when adorned properly, it is perfect for women and is considered one of the finest dressy tops.

Kaftan Top

If you are someone who is looking to have a bohemian kick for their clothes, consider Kaftan Tops. These tops are comfortable and flowery, making them ideal for a casual day out. From paisley to tie-dye, these tops come in distinct fabrics and prints.

Wrapping Up

While the list can go on and on with many trendy and elegant tops, the above-mentioned are a must-add to every wardrobe out there. Whether you are tired of wearing sweats or you are just simply looking to edge up your next outing, with these tops in your wardrobe, you will definitely be the centre of attention.

FAQ on Different Styles of Tops

Q1. Which top should I buy for attending a party?

Among many options, Tube tops and One-shoulder tops are the perfect options for parties. Whether it is a friend’s birthday party or just a night out with your gal pals, you will definitely be the one rocking your outfit.

Q2. Why are tops important?

In addition to being trendy, if you have a good pair of tops in your wardrobe, you can make a lot of outfits using that set of tops.

Q3. What should I wear with tops?

You can pair it up with skirts or shorts for a cool chic look or go with a tank top and jeans.


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