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Different Kinds & Types of Hair Pins & Clips Names With Pictures

With a little adjustment, hair clips are a subtle yet noteworthy fashion accent that can elevate your hairstyles. Every situation and hair type can be accommodated with a hair clip, ranging from our most popular claw clips for work to elegant sequined ones.

These 10 different styles of hair clips will look great on any hair type and length, and you can add them right away to your vanity.

1. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are, without a doubt, the most popular hair clip, and since their invention, both adults and children have worn them. Usually composed of plastic or metal, it conceals itself while holding your hair in place, much like a styling gel. This hair hold is a cost-effective solution that blends seamlessly with your hair.

2. Claw Clip

You likely have a few claw hair clips scattered throughout your home. Yes, they are that well-liked for all legitimate reasons. They’re incredibly user-friendly and comfy. A claw clip type usually sits squarely at the back of the skull. You may reattach your hair using a claw clip. It is a terrific alternative to hair ties because it is more comfortable and will not cause your hair to crease or snag.

3. Snap Clip

Bringing the vibe of the 1990s, this pattern is enduringly popular among ladies nowadays. Perhaps you’ve noticed Dua Lipa and other female celebrities wearing this style lately. The snap clip fastens the hair with a simple snapping mechanism and is made of a single piece of metal. Keeping your hair out of your face is its primary goal. It can be used to tuck stray hairs away or side comb bangs. Also, snap clips work well with all hair lengths.

4. Crocodile Clips

These are excellent options if you wish to divide your hair into sections for styling. For this reason, salons and hairdressers frequently have these. They also assist in bunning your hair. These clips are really useful to have in your vanity as they securely hold your hair in place as you straighten or curl it. The majority of their materials are plastic or metal.

5. Sectioning Clips

Sectioning clips, often called alligator clips, hold back big hair pieces while styling. They are comfortable wearing hairstyling for extended periods because of their long, narrow design. Use them when braiding, curling, straightening, blow-drying, applying extensions, or during any other style process that calls for an additional hand.

6. French Barrette

A fastener that slides firmly into the hair is located beneath these tiny metal clips. Opening the clip is as simple as pressing the clasp’s metal pads on either side. When you want to style your hair more put-together, these are useful!

7. Double Prong Curl

As with sectioning clips, the two-prong curl clip is only ever used for styling. They are typically wrapped around a recently heated curl to preserve and keep their shape. To “set” the curls, women typically wear them all around their heads.

8. Spin Pins

In addition to being incredibly adaptable and useful hair accessories, spin pin hair clips are said to be as effective as twenty hairpins combined. With their assistance, you may make french twists, quick updos, and simple buns. A spin pin could be a suitable substitute if you constantly use bobby pins to keep your hair in line.

9. Pearl Clips

As the name suggests, pearl clips include pearl embellishments on one side and a crocodile or snap clip arrangement on the other. They also look wonderful and complement both Western and Indian clothes. Pearl hair clips are available as grips, snap clips, and French barrettes. They are well-liked for regular use, Indian wedding attire female, and other special events.

10. Minimalist Hair Clips

Minimalist hair clips have thin, plain backs similar to bobby pins, yet they fasten into place without making a popping sound like French barrettes. As long as you don’t try to fit too much hair into the clip—it can only hold so much—they usually hold hair extremely nicely. They often have intricate astrological designs or are shaped like a basic circle.

Final Words

Every type of hair clip listed above has a certain function. These are all necessary components of the perfect stylist’s hair-glam kit, even though some may be more enjoyable than others. They can make it really simple for you to create the styles you adore.


Which type of hair clip should I wear with a bow?

When it comes to bows, the best hair clips are the ones that come with minimal design and ornamental vibe — just like a French barrette.

Which hair clip should I use for my toddler?

The fact that toddlers are hard to stay still and calm for too long means you must use hair clips that are quick to apply. Given this, it’s best to go with either claw or snap clips.

I have thick hair. What sort of hair clip should I wear?

Try using hair clips like banana clips or claw clips if you have thick hair as they may easily hold a thicker section of hair in place by grasping it in between.


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