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Top Artificial Jewellery Brands in India

Artificial Jewellery Brands in India The Jewelry represents women’s love and commitment that she makes to herself, to look beautiful and to love herself forever.  “Jewellery” is an Anglicized form of Latin word- Jocale- which means plaything. A historical interesting fact related to jewellery says that about 40,000 years back the first jewellery was worn by …

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Top 10 Famous Indian Jewellery Designers

Top 10 Indian Jewellery Designers The fame and glory of Indian jewellery is renowned globally. Right from traditional carvings to contemporary swatches, the creativity and aesthetics of Indian jewellery is unmatched. The craftsmanship and extensive use of precious materials and stones are the key points of attraction in Indian jewellery. India is famous in world …