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“Attention” Avoid Cleaning Artificial Jewellery with these…

There is perhaps no woman on earth who is not fond of jewellery. It is not only a mere ritual to wear jewellery but is also the most incredible piece of accessory that one can wear. Expensive metals like gold, silver, platinum is often becoming out of the reach in terms of expense. So, most of us like to pair up our beautiful dresses with Artificial jewellery. Stocking up lots of Branded Artificial jewellery at home is okay but you need to care for them in the best possible way.

Like every object, there are very strict Do’s and Don’ts that applies to artificial jewellery. So, read on the article to check out the few rules that you should Adopt While taking Care of Your Artificial Jewellery at Home.

Avoid Cleaning Artificial Jewellery with these…

1. Keep them out of direct moisture and water –

The colour, lustre and shine of the artificial jewellery are threatened mostly by humidity and dampness. So, it is always advisable, that you keep them out of direct moisture and water. Even while storing it, try to adopt a completely dry and sealed box. Also, keep them aloof from tarnish. Both moisture and tarnish are potent enough to destroy the life of artificial jewellery.


2. Not to include these in your daily laundry cleaner or dishwasher –

Artificial jewellery is very fragile and gets destroyed easily. Make it a point not to include these in your daily laundry cleaner or dishwasher. Do not club it with the cleaning of other household stuff. The harsh laundry cleaning chemicals and the even harsher dish washing liquids are killers of the grandeur of your beautiful jewellery.

3. Water must be Pure and Chlorine Free –

The water that you use to clean the artificial jewellery must be Clean, pure and chlorine-free. It should be soft water, better if it is treated water. The chlorine or other dissolved impurities might be harmful to the artificial jewellery. Wearing your artificial jewellery to the pool might cause the same effect as the pool water is highly chlorinated.

4. Avoid Using Commercial Jewellery Cleaners –

There are various types of jewellery cleaners available in the market. These are meant for the normal gold, silver or platinum jewellery. What you need to keep in mind is that these cleaners are not appropriate for fashion jewellery. The artificial jewellery is much more delicate. It contains only an upper layer of plating with these costly metals. So, avoid using any commercial jewellery cleaners for cleaning artificial jewellery.

5. Avoid Using Body Lotions or Baby Lotions – Body lotions or baby lotions are not appropriate things to use for cleaning your jewellery. They might provide a superficial shine but deep down it is reducing the life span of your fashion jewellery. Even perfumes are used by many to clean jewellery. Perfumes do contain alcohol and on applying alcohol, initially, the jewel piece looks clean because the dirt gets dissolved, but a few minutes later you can see the upper shiny layer of the jewellery is destroyed.

6. Avoid Using Hairspray and makeup stuff – Hairspray, makeup and other such stuff are also not meant to clean the jewellery. They contain harsh chemicals that are inappropriate for cleaning the jewellery pieces. They are great for your skin but not at all good for the fashion jewellery that you use.

If there are so many don’ts then what will you do to clean your artificial jewellery. You can go with using some natural ingredients that will cause potentially lesser damage to your artificial jewellery.

How to Clean Artificial jewellery at Home

  • You can use a very dilute solution of fresh lemon juice and water. Lemon juice contains mild citric acid which is great for cleaning artificial jewellery. Keep a note that the quantity of lemon juice should be less
  • You can also use baking soda with water. Just dip the Jewellery in the solution and rinse it with a soft bristle toothbrush. Your job will be done


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