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Simple Ways to Organize and Store your Jewellery

If you are one of those who is always messed up with the organisation of your jewel pieces, then this article is definitely for you. In today’s world jewellery is an integral part of fashion. There are lots of Artificial Jewellery Brands are selling Jewellery at a Cheapest Price. It enhances the look of the dress and also amplifies the style statement of an individual. The jewellery pieces if kept together often tangles up and it becomes extremely difficult to put them back to place. But if you can resort to a few simple techniques, then managing jewellery pieces will be easier than ever. These are basic tips and hack which if applied can really make your jewellery organisation far easier and smarter.

  1. The first step towards efficient jewellery organisation and storage is Decluttering. Take all the designer jewellery items that you have got in one place. Then initially sort it out into useful and waste items. Immediately discard such items which you do not use any more. This will help to utilise the maximum space for storing important items.
  2. Segregate into categories. Storing multiple genres of jewellery items together can lead to entangled and messy condition. The bangles might get twisted with rings or the chains with earrings. When you want to wear any of these, you will be in a complete mess. So, separate the categories accordingly.
  3. When we talk about clever ways to store jewellery, it also means that storing them in a way to enhance their shelf life. For example, stone sets or gold plated jewellery need extra care. I f you can wrap them up in muslin cloth bags or handkerchiefs, these remain ideally well
  4. Another key point to store the jewellery wisely is protecting them from external moisture, dust and dirt. If you can secure your jewellery, they will stay good for years.
  5. Storing the jewellery in proper designated containers or storage units will help you to easily access these in times of need as well as make them easily visible and mess free.

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Let us look at a few ways in which you can store the jewel pieces efficiently

  • Bangles – Bangles are an integral part of jewellery and most importantly they are chunky pieces which take up lot of space. Bangles can be stone studded, simple wooden or gold plated. Each of these can be stored in specific manner. Wooden bangles must be protected from dust, gold plated ones must be kept away from moisture. The glass bangles must be kept ultra-carefully so that they do not break.


 Ready made bangle stands are available in the market in various designs. You can choose the ones that you prefer. You can also prepare DIY bangle holders by simple cutting the cardboard in a long cylindrical shape like ready made ones. These will be free of cost as well as efficient. Other than that, you can also tie the similar bangles together in a bundle format, which will prevent entangling of the bangles together.

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  • Earrings:- These days every woman has a huge collection of earrings. You can pair up cool and trendy earrings with all sorts of dresses. Well, earrings are the most difficult to store. They are small items which get lost very easily. Moreover, if one out of the pair is lost, the whole pair becomes dysfunctional. So, earrings are essential to store properly. The best way to store earrings are to keep them in boxes. Every type of earring can be carefully segregated and stored in separate boxes. So, whenever you need them, you can find it easily. The heavy traditional earrings which are seldom worn can be stored away separately. Jhumkas, tops, rings must be stored separately because they can get entangled. The everyday wearable earrings can be stored in a distinct place.


These days, trendy earring holder stands are also available. You can get one of them. The boxes however occupy less space as you can stack them one upon the other. The earrings are very fragile. One stone or their lock clip can easily get misplaced rendering them dysfunctional. So be extra careful. Store them in transparent boxes or pouches.

When you carry earrings to any place, don’t do it barely just carry it in a pouch. Keeping away the earrings from external moisture will retain their lustre for a long time.

  • Rings: – Be it finger rigs or toe rings, these are vulnerable pieces, small enough to get lost at any time. You can store rings in coin bags. In this way they remain safe secured and accessible. Try to choose transparent pouches which will help you see through it. Rings often have precious stones. So, keeping them safeguarded is a challenge. The metal rings must be stored away from the precious ones. The rings that you use everyday can be hung in a ring holder or separate box.


  • Necklaces: These are the most valuable jewel pieces that you might possess. They need special attention and care. Storing them away from dirt, dust and moisture is the first challenge. It is better to keep them wrapped in muslin cloth. The best policy to keep the necklaces safe is to store them in their designated boxes. Whenever you try to accommodate too many necklaces in one place, the friction between the pieces can damage the necklaces. Also try to store the necklaces in such a way that it does not come in contact with deodorant or harsh chemicals.


Jewellery storage organisers are easily available in the market to accommodate all your stuff in one place. You can also create your own storage options by creating simple cardboard DIY boxes. If you are planning to prepare one, make sure you design lots of compartments in it. You can also design some cool funky designs in your Jewellery handmade organisers to make it far more interesting.

Jewel pieces are lifetime assets and do demand for proper care and storage. With efficient storage, you can reduce the space occupancy for jewellery as well secure their long life


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