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Beginners Guide to Buy First expensive Luxury Watch

“The Greatest gift you can give to someone is your time.” It’s rightly said, but what if you gift yourself or your loved Ones a Luxurious Watch?

Ah…Great Idea!!

But, how, from where, how much it will cost, authenticity check etc etc will be so many questions that will come next in your mind.

Well not to worry any further. This article will try to answer all your minds Question. But, before that first let’s get familiar with luxurious watch brands in market, Watch industry, trends in 2020.

Do you Ever Know that the first existence of Wrist watch was found in 16th Century. That time men used to wear pocket watches and women used to wear wrist watches. With time trends changed and by the year 1904, the 1st man’s wrist watch ‘Santos Wristwatch’ was introduced. Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Durmont asked Louis Cartier to Build a Watch for him so that he can record his performance during flight too. During World War I, from military used to wear ‘French Watches’ and like this by 1930s Wristwatch completely took place pocket Watches, that want completely out of fashion by this time.

Now a Days, wristwatches have become style statement. Trends have changed from analogue watches to digital to smart watches. First Mobiles took place for everything like cameras, clocks, calculators etc. and now smart watches are trending towards taking place of mobiles/smart phones. People are not at all hesitating in spending 1000’s of money to own their most desired and dream watches. You can check out Top Luxurious Watch Brands here.

Now, Another question which may come in your mind cab be – Why you should invest handsome amount of money on buying a luxury watch?

So, following Points may help you in further taking decision whether to Buy luxury watch brand or not:-

  1.  Luxury Watches help you in showcasing breathtaking Craftsmanship with precise manufacturing. They help you in Showcasing your wealth and Power.
  2.  Luxury Watches have great resale value and can be passed on inheritance. Thus, they are good investment platforms.
  3.  They make you stand out of crowd, gets you noticed in your groups & in society.
  4.  Merging of Prestige & Magnificence makes your every well chosen time piece a lavish yet robust.
  5.  Above everything, by buying a Luxury Watch for yourself will always remind you about your own achievements, your own worth, will always remind you about you about of who you are.
  6.  Moreover, you have lusted over it. So, by Now I hope you are clear about 2020 trends, 2020 brands and have made up your mind to buy luxury watch. So, lets now talk about some guidance tips which may help you further in or purchasing right authentic luxurious timepiece that will be a lifetime memory for you.

Here are the Tips listed below:-

  1. Most Importantly before choosing any watch or watch brand, ask yourself few questions like – What you Want Out of it, want it as fashion accessory or want it for week budget your price range.
  2. There are many types of Watches like –

Field Watch (Good one to Start with due to their medium size, Availability and Simplicity)

Military DNA features),

Dive Watch (Sportswatch),


GMT Watch

Driving Watch (Racing Watch)

Dress Watch (Often Worn as Open Statements of Wealth & Status)

Fashion Watches/Smart Watches

Bangers (Watches for everyday wear)

Smart Watches

Choose the type of Watch you are willing to buy as per their functions and your requirements. This will help you in Short listing the Watches and Jewellery Brands you need to look for.

  1. Look for at least some basic specifications in your watch before finalising the piece, like cost, Legibility(i.e Easy to read your Watch), Comfort of Wearing it, Hallmark that will certify the metals Purity (Only if your watch has gold or silver made case) or other certifications that may authenticate standards of Swiss made watches or it meets chronometer standards or its made to

Specification for military zone, model no., Company name that made it, country of origin, battery details, water resistant or not, material used in case, serial no. or the no. of a limited edition, warranties etc.

  1. Check regarding its Weight and accuracy, its branding (like stamp of Swiss made), easiness of getting servicing of watch chosen in your country, availability of spare parts, battery replacement etc. are some of important details that need to be studied before finalising your investment plans.
  2. Beware of Fakes – The Simplest way to judge the deals you are getting. If, its too good to be true, it’s probably fake. Always buy from a trusted dealer.

Now, Choice is yours – whether choose wisely or to choose poorly. Do lots of research and pick the right timepiece for yourself. I guarantee, it’s worth the effort.

Just remember – “Watches are very personnel things…expression of who you are”. Feel yourself, feel your watch and Choose the Right.


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