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Top Best Fashion Shopping Streets Or Places in the World

Shopping from malls and best-label stores is interesting, but nothing can really beat the fun and excitement of shopping on the streets. All the important cities in the world, have some truly gorgeous and major shopping streets full of fabulous stuff to choose from.

Street shopping is fun and affordable. The art of shopping is fine and exclusive – to immerse in the real world of fashion, you have to explore the streets because that is where true fashion emerges.

Here are some of the most popular shopping streets around the world –

1.Bond Street, London, England

    Situated in the West End of London, this one is Europe’s busiest shopping avenue. Initially, it was one of the poshest areas of London with Victorian-style mansions housing shops on the ground floor. Later it became the country’s most celebrated shopping destination.

    The street boasts the world’s richest brands today making it one of the best shopping streets in the world. best Suit Top Brands like Hermes, Mulberry, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Dolce Gabbana, Christian Dior, and Louis Vitton. Jimmy Choo and almost every other brand you can think of.

    2. Fifth Avenue, New York, USA

    The other name of destination shopping is the dream destination of any shopper. The fifth Avenue is the synonym of luxury shopping. The exact location of the street is right from the north end of Washington Square Park to Harlem Street 143.

    Some of the globe’s most fashionable luxury brands like Michael Kors, Cartier, Versace and Prada. The chicest street in the entire region is Saks Fifth Avenue. A paradise for shopaholics, Fifth Avenue will truly sway you away.

    3. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, USA

      Want to imbibe Hollywood fashion in your wardrobe?

      Beverly Hills is the ideal destination. Rodeo Drive also known as the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills has two fine Boulevards by the side – Wilshire and Santa Monica. The place is concentrated on several luxury brands like Hermes, Cartier, Chanel, and Harry Winston. Home to the best clothes, famous Jewellery brands, shoes, accessories and everything luxury that you can associate with is available here.

      4. Rue De Rivoli, Paris, France

      A 3km long shopping street, in the planet’s shopping paradise – Paris is surely a treat for shoppers. You must have known it for the Louvre and Tuileries Garden on the south, the north is adorned with all international brand shops and mostly the luxury French labels like Phildar, Heyraud, Promod and so on.

      Rue De Rivoli is one of the best budget shopping destinations and is cheaper than the Beverly Hills, Bond Street or USA shopping destinations. The subways are also filled with luxury jewellery shops. It is a perfect joint for antique lovers.

      5. Oak Street, Chicago

      America, the space to explore maximum shopping hubs is blessed to have Oak Street. The swanky gold neighbourhood of Chicago is adorned with a shopping area. It is home to almost every haute couture brand. The precise location is around Michigan Street. Enjoy an intimate feel of shopping with exclusive top nail polish brands at Oak Street Chicago.

      6. Via Condotti, Rome

      Also known among shopaholics as Shopping Mecca, you simply cannot miss this place if you are looking for a great space to shop your heart out. This grand stretch of the shopping Louvre in Rome is indeed a celebration of its culture and glamour. Explore this retail paradise for a fantastic luxury shopping experience.

      7. Ginza Line, Tokyo

      Japan is a mandatory name in the must-visit places of almost every traveller. Shifting focus from the luxury shopping destinations of Europe, let’s talk about Asia. Ginza in Tokyo is one of the best-known shopping destinations in Asia that preserves the cultural identity of the land as well as boasts to be the selling ground of brands like Gucci and Louis Vitton. Japanese home jeans brands like the luxurious Wako are also a part of the Ginza line.

      8. Passeig De Gracia, Barcelona

      Do you want to witness some modernist architecture while shopping?

      Then it is time to discover the fabulous culture and fantastic shopping gastronomy at the Passeig De Gracia Barcelona. The most iconic shopping destination of Barcelona – lined with boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and high-end retail stores been well-known for centuries.

      9. Pitt Street Mall, Sydney, Australia

      The pedestrian zone of the most populated business district of Sydney has a mix of some of the best lipstick brands stores of the globe. However, just like the Ginza line in Tokyo, it also houses plenty of local stores and thus is an ideal cosmopolitan for shopping. Referred to as the Australian style hub, Pitt Street Mall is surely a hit when it comes to the fashion streets of the world.


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