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Top Ten Most Popular Nail Polish Brands in the World

If you make a list of the most wanted cosmetic products, nail polish will surely win the list. The shades and brand of preference may differ but the buzz of painting your nails according to the colour of your preference is never ending. But what is more important is to choose a good brand of nail polish for your nails because poor quality nail polish can cause harm to the tissues of your nails.

Here are the top 10 most popular Nail Polish Brands,

that are best for your nails and are celebrated across the world because of their amazing performance.

1. OPI

This is one of the most well-known nail polish brands. OPI basically stands for Odontorium Products Inc. Based as an American Cosmetic Brand, this company has one of the highest turnover of revenue in the makeup industry. The nail colours from this brand are quite expensive. The ingredients used in the lacquers of this brand are upgraded from time to time to make the nail polish better for the nail tissues. Pawlish – a nail paint for dogs is the most unique and best-selling product of this brand.

2. Revlon

Needless to mention the brand is known to almost all fashionistas. Soaring high as one of the leading cosmetic brands, Revlon has a collection of the best nail polishes. The hues and shades of the nail paints from this brand depict a royal and classic look. More than trying out a lot of new shades, the brand mostly gets along with the classic shades.

3. China Glaze

Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan this is one of the most well known cosmetic brands from China and now is popular across the globe. The brand is best known for creating such shades that are out of the box and complement recent taste and style. From popping neon to glazy shimmers, this brand has all that you need. Most Asian celebrities endorse this top lipstick brands and it is a favourite even of the common people. The motto of the brand is “Live in Colour” and that is why all the shades are lively and bright.

4. Loreal Paris

Loreal Paris is the world-famous French cosmetic brand that needs no introduction. From Hollywood celebrities to models, there isn’t one glam artist whose vanity lacks a Loreal Paris Naipiant. The speciality of the Loreal Paris nail paints is the rich texture and the derma friendly composition of the nail paints. People love to use Revlon because of the worth the brand carries. The legacy goes by “Because I am Worth It” and that is very evident from the product quality from the brand.

5. Essie

If you are a nail polish lover, it is not possible that you haven’t heard of this famous brand from New York. The fashion capital of the world has so much to offer and Essie is one such brand that hails from this place. If you love pastel shades that reflect sophistication in every molecule of the pigment, then Essie is the brand for you. This brand is best known for the reddish, pinkish and plum shades. You would be surprised to know that Essie is the brand that the Duchess- Kate Middleton loves. It is also well known across the world because it created the world’s most expensive nail polish back in the year 2005.


Another globally acknowledged brand that is always in the limelight for being the showstopper of the cosmetic industry. NARS manufactures almost anything that you can imagine related to makeup, however, they are the best when it comes to lipsticks and nail polishes. They are best known because of the composition of the nail polishes. All the components used for manufacturing the nail polishes are skin-friendly and absolutely harmless. If you are very choosy and stylish about nail paints, then NARS is the brand you should go for.

7. Jinsoon

Jinsoon is one of the most famous salon brands across the city of New York. The services are timeless and so is their product line for nail polishes. They always come up with shades and textures that are difficult tomimagibe. If you love to try something out of the box, this could be a good try. They emphasise recreating emotions and nostalgia with nail polish shades.

8. Tenoverten

Another brand having emerged from the fashion lanes of New York City. This is a professional nail polish brand and are mostly used at makeup parlours and nail extension studios. Nail extensions these days have become one of the most hyped cosmetic treatments. Common nail polishes are not suitable for extended nails. However, this brand is the best for them. Most people are fond of the brand because of the rose oil infusion in all of their nail polishes that keeps the nail beautiful and safe.

9. Chanel

How can one miss Chanel when it is about nail polishes? There is absolutely no need to talk about the top perfume brands. If you want your vanity to feature a vintage collection, go for a lifetime asset of a Chanle nail polish bottle. They are mostly into classic colours that will bring out the ethnicity and royal vibes in your nail polish look. Their nail colours are fashionable, trendy and long lasting. The burnt copper metallic shade is their best seller.

10. RGB

If you are looking for a nail polish brand that will keep your nails beautiful forever and will ensure the nail health properly, this is indeed the best brand to go with. Known across the globe for their skin friendly naturally composed nail polish shades, RGB is one of the best sellers. Not only nail polishes, their organic nail polish removers are also the best and used professionally across the globe. The prices are a bit high but not really in comparison to the quality.

The colour and quality of your nail polish is not only an integral part of your style statement and you just choose it wisely.


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