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Lipstick Brands – Top 10 lipstick Company names in the World

Famous Lipstick Brands :-

If anything is going bad in your life, just get up and apply lipstick. Lipsticks can be either glossy, nude, and matte. Whatever be your preference, lipsticks from a best brand stand out both in terms of quality and performance. Good quality lipsticks not only have the best color but are also good for your lips. Here are the top 10 lipstick brands from across the globe that are known for their exclusive and sustainable lipstick collection


Perhaps nobody needs to introduce this lipstick brand. Every woman has a dream that her cosmetic collection will consist of MAC lipstick. This cosmetic brand from Canada rules the global cosmetic brand today has proven itself as one of the best and most luxurious cosmetic brands sever. MAC lipsticks are one of the best in terms of quality and the diversity of shades.  From regular wear nude colors to bold festive shades, MAC has a collection for almost every occasion.

Founders – Frank Toskan, Frank Angelo
Headquarters – New York, New York, United States
Founded Year – 1984

Loreal Paris

The global sensation brand that manufactures not only lipsticks but also a variety of other cosmetic products. Lipsticks from Loreal Paris stand out in their color and gloss. Loreal Paris is a luxury lipstick brand that is extremely famous among fashion mongers because of its superior quality. Lipsticks from Loreal Paris are long-lasting and therefore preferred by top Indian fashion designers . Loreal Paris is one of the most accessible and best brands when it comes to lipsticks. Also, it is easily accessible anywhere.

Founder – Eugène Schueller
Headquarters – Clichy, France
Founded Year – 1909


Maybelline has recently secured its place strongly than ever as one of the best-selling cosmetic brands in the world. Maybelline has a diverse range of lipsticks to choose from and each of them is unique in its own way. The liquid lipsticks from Maybelline are best sellers. They have a beautiful non-drying consistency that users love.

Founder – Thomas Lyle Williams
Headquarters – Manhattan, New York City
Founded Year – 1914


There is much more in the house of Chanel to explore other than only the No 5. Chanel has got a wide collection of lipsticks to flaunt the look. The long-lasting seamless and lightweight formula of Chanel lipsticks caters to vibrant and subtle moods alike making you look the best and carry the most flamboyant look.

Founder – Coco Chanel
Headquarters – Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Founded Year – 1909


Lancome is a well know brand dedicated to the production of skin-friendly, smooth, and creamy lipsticks. They are best known for creating beautiful shades with a perfectly hydrating and smooth finish texture. The lipsticks are non-sticky and mostly nude or matte in finish mitigating the need for any extra gloss.

Founders – Guillaume d’Ornano, Armand Petitjean
Headquarters – Paris, France
Founded Year – 1935

NYX Cosmetics

One of the most expensive lipstick brands. They produce excellent quality lipsticks in various shades ready to give that glam and stunning look to your lips. NYX cosmetics history originated in LA and now is a global brand with an excellent reputation and is a favorite of many fashion mongers.

Founder – Toni Ko
Headquarters – Los Angeles, California,
Founded Year – 1999


If you love satin finish hydrating lipstick that will take care of style and skincare at the same time, this is the ultimate brand for you. The brand uses a special type of smooth stain finish pigment for their lipsticks along with a special tri-layer formulation for a smooth and long-lasting finish. However, the products are a bit too expensive.

Founder – Thomas Burberry
Headquarters – London, England
Founded Year – 1856

Bobbi Brown

There is perhaps not one fashion stylist, who is not in love with lipsticks from Bobbi Brown. The most interesting part of these lipsticks is: they are infused with multivitamins and special natural wax to take care of your lips in the best possible way. Apart from the beautiful shades and gorgeous finish, they provide unsmudged care to your lips.

Founder – Bobbi Brown
Headquarters – New York City
Founded Year – 1957


Did you think that Dior is only concerned with bags and perfumes brands? Well, Dior has a significant collection of lipsticks that are not only beautiful but also superior in their texture, finish, and quality. They are smudge-proof and long-lasting and can bring about an extra shine to your lips. Enhance your fashion statement with lipsticks from Dior.

Founder – Christian Dior
Headquarters – Paris, France
Founded Year – 1946


Premium quality flamboyant cosmetics products are the trademark of Revlon. From young girls to professional ladies, Revlon is on the top list of every woman’s favourites. Revlon lipsticks are more than just beautiful. They have an elegant tinge to their lip shades and are made in the most skin-friendly way ever.

Lipsticks are an integral part of the style statement. A beautiful shade of lipstick can elevate your mood and add a tinge of glamour to your look that nothing else can. Lipsticks are perhaps the most important part of makeup and can change the look of any person drastically.

Founder – Joseph Revson, Charles Revson, Charles Lachman
Headquarters – New York City
Founded Year – 1932


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