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Top 10 best formal men’s suit brands in the world

Best suit brands in the world:-

Style and fashion have been the possession and passion of both women and men alike since time immemorial. It would be wrong to say that is only women who are concerned with their dress and looking good. Men too are equally conscious of their image and that is exactly how it should be. Apparels play a major role in reflecting your personality and speaking aloud about your taste.
Here are the top 10 men’s suit brands from across the world,that have been creating landmarks in fashion history through their amazing collection and up-gradation from time to time.

  1. Tom Ford:-

Who on Earth doesn’t know about Tom Ford? Tom Ford has been long associated with various luxury-oriented clothing brands including Gucci. Perhaps all gentlemen have a Tom Ford suit at the top of their wishlists. Contemporary design, divine fabric, and unmatched fabric are the special features of Tom Ford’s collection.

  1. Ermenegildo Zegna:-

If you believe in fineness, this brand is the leader. Luxury clothing is synonymous with the name of this brand. It is an Italian brand that showcases perfection, class, and sophistication. They manufacture more of the classic suits not much experimenting with style and colors.

  1. Brioni:-

Another globally acknowledged Italian brand that focuses on the precision of tailoring. The exquisite cut and fashionable fabrics are simply amazing. All the appraised runway shows feature this brand. The excellence of men’s suiting is at its epitome with the Brioni Brand. All the pieces are timeless ones.

  1. William Fioravanti:-

If you are looking for a luxury brand that can specifically meet your corporate needs. Never has any brand focused on tailoring doe refinedly as this one. Groom your personality and image with the mesmerising suits from Fioravanti. Fioravanti suits help a man put up his best posture and stand tall amidst the world.

  1. Giorgio Armani:-

The style quotient of an Armani suit needs no prior introduction. In fact, Giorgio Armani was the one who reformed the cut and design of men’s suits back in 1970. So, he can be aptly known as the father of the renaissance of modern men’s suiting. Armani is associated with heritage and each collection portrays the true class and essence of standard.

  1. Gucci:-

If you belong to the squad who wants to step out of boring colors and classic cut of men’s suit, then Gucci is your brand. From bold colors to prints that are unbelievable in a men’s suit, Gucci is the perfect destination. The chief designer of this global brand – Alessandro Michele pays too much attention to uniqueness, exclusivity, and out-of-the-track ideas.

  1. Coreneliani:-

Who doesn’t know the name of Alfredo Cornelianai, the man who almost single-handedly gave the Italian fashion a sophisticated touch, back in the year 1930? The best part about the brand is their adaptation of a new unique style and the perfect blending of the modern essence with the classic ones.

  1. Givenchy:-

An excellent innovation of the world’s style capital Paris, this brand highlights a classical French touch to all the suits. French fashion is well known across the world as is regarded with the highest honor due to the premium quality, astonishing designs, and a world-class finish. All of these are featured in the suits of Givenchy. They manufacture chic and sophisticated statement pieces.

  1. Hermes:-

Chic, Sobre, simple, classic, aesthetic. Yes, you heard it right. All of these in single pieces reflecting grandeur and style epitome in the men’s fashion Industry. That is how the world knows Hermes. Suits that will complement your silhouette maximally and encompass a realm of fineness comes from Hermes.

  1. Burberry:-

No fashion list can ever end without incorporating a luxury dollop of British style. After all, that is where all things elegant took birth from. Dolce and Gabbana uplift the British-style closet every time they create a magnificently unique piece. From corporate wear to bold jacquard to silk embroidery, you will find everything at Dolce and Gabanna. The brand is better known for the supremely refined tailoring craftsmanship.

In the fashion wardrobe of every style monger, there lies a beautiful term called brand loyalty. It takes a person only a minute to build that but it continues till the last breath. These were the top 10 men’s suiting brands that are highly acknowledged globally. You may have your own choice but the brand and the piece must reflect you.


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