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Top 10 Leggings brands

Leggings Brand

When we are talking about outfits there is surely something that we cannot overlook and that is comfortable bottom wear. The member to ace the game of bottom wear is definitely leggings. Not only is it super comfortable and best to get along with, but it is also one of the most versatile bottoms wear you can ever have. With a couple of leggings brands adorning your wardrobe you can surely complement them with almost all your dresses. Be it Indian wear or your active wear T-shirt, legging is a perfect match for both.

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Let us explore the best leggings brand across the globe that is a hub of the perfect pair of leggings for you:

Top leggings brands

1. Adidas:

Needless to mention about the brand because we are all accustomed to it. Adidas is one of the best manufacturers of mostly active-wear and is a prestigious flagship for a long time. The leggings from the house of Adidas are super comfortable and the best part is that they are made of recycled plastic which is a blessing to the planet.

2. Alo:

Looking for a brand that can offer both basic and lounge leggings?

Alo can be your best choice.

From high waist to midi leggings – Alo has a huge collection of unique leggings featuring premium quality and trendy styles. The cool designs coupled with the guarantee of this robust flagship make it one of the best choices.

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3. Nike:

If you are a person who loves minimalism over everything else, then Nike leggings are the best choice for sure. The design and cut of the Nike leggings are fantastic to complement almost any type of women’s contour and give that much deemed seamless appearance. You can go for the mesh variants or the Dri Fit training variants. There are plenty of Camo leggings as well that can go well as regular outfits.

4. Restore:

Viscous as well as bold, comfy as well as stylish – indeed the perfect brand to meet your needs for the best leggings. Featuring ultimate flair and creativity, it is an exclusive clothing brand dedicated to creating some exquisite leggings to make your wardrobe and your life even better all the time.

5. Zella:

This is the ultimate go-to brand when it comes to leggings. You can simply rely on them when it comes to getting leggings to serve all purposes equally well. It manufactures the most fashionable yet comfortable leggings that can be your saviors for almost any occasion.

6. Biba:

Biba is an authentic Indian suiting brand that prioritizes Indian choices and preferences while designing its collection. The same goes for their leggings collection as well. From solid colors to ethnic prints, Biba leggings are a perfect match for your Indian dresses from kurtis brand names to salwar. Biba is a premium brand with guaranteed fabric quality. However, the prices are upscale.

7. Libas:

If you are a frequent shopper, then you must have been accustomed to the brand by now. Just like Biba or W, Libas is a well-known Indian flagship that has a plethora of outstanding ethnic wear collections one of which is their unique leggings collection. Moderately priced and beautifully designed, leggings from Libas are one of the best choices for the body curves of Indian women.

8. W:

Leggings are an integral part of the Indian attire wardrobe and indeed can help you jazz up your look every single day. If you are looking for the best leggings that can complement your look, then choose the stylish leggings from W. They have a huge collection in terms of colors, cuts, fits, and sizes. Check out their beautiful collection and design something cool for yourself.

9. Go Colours:

This is a popular fashion designers in India brand that has a huge collection of leggings that goes well with every type of dress. From Festive wear to fashionable party wear, they have a suitable match for almost anything. The affordable price and stunning shades are a major USP of the brand.

10. Globus:

This is one of the oldest leggings brands in India. They have been in this garment retail line for several years now and know the choices and needs of Indian women at the best. They manufacture premium quality leggings in various hues and designs. The prices are moderate and hence act as a great option for everyday wear.

So, which one out of these semes matches your choice and needs? Do not forget to explore all the collections before choosing the perfect Leggings for yourself. Win the game of attire with the perfect Leggings.


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