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Traditional Indian Bride Bridal Attire Ideas

If Indian wedding is a festivity then the Attire of the bride is the heart of that festivity. The dress of the bride is the centre of attraction of the wedding party. The planning for the dress starts from a long time before the wedding. Every girl wants to look the best on her wedding day. Different rituals of an Indian wedding hold their own specific significance and dress codes tallying with every ritual enhance and pronounce their significance.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Bridal wedding Attire:-

  • Firstly, as per Indian traditions, you should not wear anything in white or black as these are representative of sadness and evil respectively. Red is the most auspicious color for the occasion of wedding India. As per traditions, the bride adorns herself with a red Lehenga or Saree. The dress is decorated with sequences and heavy work. The grandeur of the dress not only lights up the look of the bride but brings an extra shine to the party.
  • Well Indian weddings is not about the wedding day, the haldi, mehendi, sangeet are also important rituals. Designer wear customized as per the function also highlights these occasions. A soothing yellow Anarkali or lehenga for the haldi or a green dress on mehendi will surely rock the party. Sangeet look is usually like a party booster and should be glossy and shimmering.
  • It is usually advisable to choose bright colored dresses for any wedding ritual. The bright colors indicate happiness and prosperity. Moreover, the pictures stand out to be amazingly well in such dresses.
  • Not only the lehenga, saree or churidar but the blouses and dupatta should be proper and should complement the dress well. You can choose the blouse to be in matching color or contrast color according to your wish. Every component of the dress must be perfect and complementary to each other.

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  • All the guests remember the outfit of the bride as a token. The bridal dress is indeed an exquisite piece of artwork. The glamorous glitz and elegance of the dress should be ornamental. Red is chosen as the main color for weddings because red color is characteristic of the planet mars. Indian astrology believes that mars is the planet that is responsible for the good luck and auspiciousness of the relationships and hence red color predominates the choice.
  • Various regions and communities in India have their own traditional dress codes when it comes to bridal outfits. For example, the Bengalis wear the typical benarasi sarees whereas the Sikhs wear churidar kurta on their wedding day. the Marathi’s have their own style of wearing the saree whereas the Tamilians have their own. Whatever be the culture and preferences, the grandeur of the dress is what matters.
  • Now comes another important aspect, the jewellery. No dress can create an enormous aura without complementary jewellery. Indian weddings are grand and involves the wearing of a lot of jewels by the bride. The material of the jewellery can vary but mostly gold is chosen.  Bengali and south Indian brides mostly wear cent percent authentic gold jewellery. A few communities in north India also choose to wear designer kundan or pearl jewellery. Heavy jewelries glorify the dress even more.
  • Corresponding makeup history which is generally towards the heavy end is preferred. Wedding is a lifetime experience and Indian brides don’t like to compromise at all with their wedding looks. So, it is a norm practically to flourish the makeup look with a glittering finish.
  • Personal preferences and individual choices also have a major role to play. Rituals and norms are not unbreakable and therefore dress, jewellery or makeup can be easily customised according to personal choices.


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