List of Clothing Brands

Bathing Ape(Bape)

Bathing Ape(Bape) is a Well Known Clothing Brand Owned By NIGO. Apart from Clothing Business NIGO is a Successful DJ and Under his Banner, he also Produces Various Japenese Music Albums. After Successful Career in DJ, he wants to do something different this is how he lands his foot in the clothing industry and Introduces a Clothing Brand BAPE in the Year 1993  which is Name after the Film “Planet of the Apes”.His Brand is Specialized in Urban Street  Wear for Men, Women & Children. In Japan there are total 19 Exclusive Stores of BAPE Brand Not Only in Japan Bape Store is Running Around the World in Countries like Hong Kong, New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, Taipei Etc.


Christian Dior

Christian Dior is European Luxury Goods Company Founded By French Entrepreneur Bernard Arnault in the Year 1948. He is the Son of a Rich Businessman of Fertiliser, he Doesn’t Want to Carry his Father Business So he Decided to Start the Business of Clothing brand & this is How the Invention of Brand Christian Dior came into Existence. Today Dior is a Top Known Brand Around the World.



Third Most Popular Clothing Brand on the top of the List is NIKE. Its Logo Swoosh is Easily Recognized Brand Logo in the World. Initially, Company is Created as Name Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in the Year 1964 but in 1971 it Transforms it Name and Officially Became Nike, Inc. its headquarters is Situated in Beaverton Oregon.

Earlier Nike is Popularly Known for its Shoes But Slowly it Keeps on Adding More products in their Portfolio like Clothes, Leather Goods etc. Today Nike Clothes is the Most Lovable Brands around the World.



The Brand Who Does not Need Any Introduction is “Adidas”. The Company is Well Known for the Manufacturing of Athletic Wear Products. The Company is Founded by Adolf Dassler in the Year 1924. The Name Adidas is Named After the Founder of the Company ‘ Adolf Adi Dassler’. The another Most Easily Recognized Logo Brand After Nike is of Adidas, It Includes three Stripes which is printed on the Company Products.



The Name is Short But Work is Big, Gap is an American Clothing Brand is Founded by Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher in the Year 1969 and Its Corporate Office is Situated in San Francisco, California. The gap is not the Only Brand but there are few More Brands like Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta and Intermix are Under the Same Banner Gap Inc.


Under Armour

The Brand Owned by Kevin Plank in the Year 1996 Which has its Headquarters  Build in Baltimore Maryland. Plank Started his Business from the Basement of his Grandmother ‘s House in Washington, D.C.


Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Brand is Named after the Founder Mr Louis Vuitton is the Luxury Retail and French Fashion house company Establishes in the Year 1854 which has its Headquarters in Paris it sell its Products through Fashion Boutiques. The Company has its Presence in 50 Countries with the 460 Retail Stores Worldwide.



Zara the Name of Trust and Quality, It is the Most Lovable Brands of Consumers. The Company Was founded by  Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera in the Year 1975 Which has its headquarters in Coruña. Every year Zara Launches Around 12 thousand New Designs Which Gets Stock out from the market Easily after the Initial Launch of it. Zara Follows the Policy of Zero Advertising and Preferred to Spend this Money on Launching of more New Stores Every Year.


Tommy Hilfiger

A Well Known Clothing Brand who Began its Operations in the year 1985 and it has its Headquarters in Amsterdam Netherland which is founded by Mr Tommy Hilfiger the Brand Name is after his Name. He Started his Career as a Fashion Designer and after gaining an Experience in this Industry he decided to starts his own Brand. In 2006 Tommy Sold his Brand to the Private Firm Apax Partners for Approximately 1.6 Billion Dollars.


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein was founded in 1968 on the name of a designer in New York which is still it’s headquartered. Later on, it was brought by Philips van Heusen in 2002. CK is a luxury retail brand selling fashion accessories mostly leather with perfumery, jewellery, watches and ready to wear apparels. In 1980s CK revolutionized America’s underwear market for both men and women.


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