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6 Must have add ons in your bridal kit

With the wedding season starting in full swing, you must have your preparations also going on in full swing as a bride-to-be. Getting married isn’t all about looking pretty that day; it’s also about managing the worst that none of us can predict. A bride has to be ready to fight all the evils that are always ready to ruin the D-day, from fashion fails to makeup fails.

Apart from that, a bride also needs to set her wedding trousseau straight, which will contain all the necessary items that she will take to her husband’s place. Therefore, a bridal nighty is one of the essential things that a bride-to-be should be packing. If you’re a bride-to-be, you obviously want to enjoy the initial period of your marriage, which is why a bridal nighty is a must-have in your wedding trousseau. So shop now!

There are several types of bridal nighty available online. In fact, you can wear a new one each day of the week to surprise your husband. These bridal nighties are available in different colours and striking fabrics such as lace, satin and silk, which means your husband will definitely go gaga over you when you wear them.

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If you want to know which bridal nighty you should be buying, you can choose from various options such as babydolls, camisoles, chemise and a teddy. These bridal nighties offer less coverage, which means they rank high on the sexy meter. Wear a bridal nighty, and you can be assured that your husband won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

Other than the bridal nighty, there are other things that need to be packed in your bridal kit, such as:

  1. Mini sewing kit –

This kit will come in handy when your bridal attire goes through wear and tear. You can have one of your skilled bridesmaids quickly fix your outfit before it ruins your big day.Mini makeup bag: When you get all hot and sweaty in the middle of your ceremony, a mini makeup bag will be sufficient to give your bridal glow a quick fix.

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2. Baby powder –

For the nervous bride in you, a baby powder will quickly help absorb all the sweat and keep you looking fresh while you say your vows.

3. Water and granola bars –

A wedding can become tedious because there’s a lot to do, which is why you must stay hydrated and nourished with some water and energy-filled granola bars.

4. Extra undergarments –

These can come in handy in case your bra decides to act funny in the middle of your wedding.

5. Safety pins –

These little warriors will ensure your dupatta stays in place throughout your big day.

6. Tampons or panty liners –

Nobody wants to have their period on their wedding day, but hormones tend to act wild, so better have tampons or panty liners or even both handy. If you don’t need it, someone else might need it.

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Tissues: Tissues need to be stocked up in abundance because you’re sure to cry happy tears throughout your big day.

With these essential items to be packed in your wedding kit, ensure a smooth sailing celebration.


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