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Groom Suit Ideas – Tips to choose trendy groom attire

Grooms Attire for Wedding:-

Why should girls have all the fun?
There is a very famous proverb which goes as – there is one particular day when a woman needs to look at her best and it is none other than her wedding day.
But what about the man?
Isn’t the wedding day -the ultimate D Day for also the man. Well of course it is. Grooms are equally concerned with their wedding attire and need to look their best and brightest on their wedding day. The wedding and the party is a long-awaited event in his life and to put a cheery on the top of the cake, a perfect top brands suit for the groom is mandatory.

If the eternal dilemma of choosing the best groom suit is driving you crazy, then Here are the top suggestions that can make your life easier:-

  1. Stick to the Classic:-

Many grooms want to try something new on their wedding day but experts say that keep your wedding suit classic. This is not for supporting mundane traditions but because a saga event like a wedding may not be the perfect time to experiment with things. You cannot afford to go through a costume malfunctioning or a bizarre outcome of some new style on your wedding day. For the wedding day, it is better to go by something trusted, stable, and well approved. Moreover, classic wedding suites have vibes that reflect style and personality.

2. Advanced Preparation:-

 A wedding suit for the groom is one of the most crucial items on the wedding bucket list and therefore preparations should start well in advance. Get the fabric, visit the tailor well in advance. Delaying the suit till the last moment not only creates last moment chaos but also leaves zero room for alteration time should it be needed. Moreover, the earlier you start, the more time you get to scrounge through the fabrics and get the best one for yourself. You should get your suit stitched about 1 month before the wedding. Doing it earlier can help to customise it better and make the necessary alterations and adjustments without any final minute stress.

3. Keep it simple and Minimalistic:-

 In recent days, there is a trend t overdo things with accessories. Though it is a matter of personal preference yet it is better to keep things as simple and minimum as possible on your wedding day. Keeping the look neat, stylish, and posh can help achieve a graceful look. You can wear chic and sleek accessories like cufflinks, bracelets, and buttons. In this regard, try to keep a neutral and matte shade of the accessories. You can go with shades that shall compliment your dress well. Photogenic grooms can keep some additional accessories at hand to make their wedding photo-shoot better and glamorous.

4. Choose a trusted and experienced tailor:-

 If you are not buying a ready-made suit of top Indian Suiting brand (and that is exactly what you should do), then choose an experienced and trusted tailor for preparing your wedding dress. The style and fabric are inanimate and it is only the tailor who can infuse life into your wedding suit. So, put in effort for choosing the best tailor just like you are putting in effort for choosing the style or fabric. It is better if you don’t go to unknown people, simply being tempted by their names. Remember that fabric of pennies can be turned into a dress of millions only if it is in the hands of the right tailor.

5. Complement the bride yet be noticeable:-

 This is a tough challenge for the groom. The groom’s wedding suit must not be so extravagant that it overshadows the bride’s dress but at the same time, the groom’s wedding suit must be distinguishable and make him stand out from the groomsmen. This margin is seeming like a threat but it is not so. The groom’s wedding suit must be elegant but it must never overpower the bride’s dress attire. Remember the dress of the couple should be supplementary to each other. Another major concern is, in the quest of keeping it subtle, many grooms choose a very plain and ordinary suit. Well, that should also not be the case.

 So, when are you starting to shop for your perfect wedding suit?


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