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Jaipur Jewellery Show 2019 | JJS Jaipur | Registration Process

Jaipur Jewellery Show 2019

Location – Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre, exhibition ground, EPIP, Sitapura, Jaipur

Date – 20th December 2019 (Friday) to 23rd December 2019 (Monday)

Business Hours – 10 A.M to 1.30 PM

Public hours -1.30 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Quick View about JJS(Jaipur Jewellery Show)

  • Inspire to create a fashion statement is the theme of this year’s Jaipur jewellery show.
  • With the overwhelming success of the previous editions, the organising committee is extremely confident about this year’s show also.
  • One of the largest B2B exhibition sales for India jewellery brands
    is about to start. Media coverage, the huge number of international delegates makes this show a hit. It is a great opportunity for Indian jewellery designers to showcase their skills in front of the world.
  • The 16th edition of JAIPUR JEWELLERY SHOW is all set to rock the world of jewellery business in India.
  • It is not only one of the most celebrated Exhibitions in India but also really great in terms of its grandeur and participant profile.
  • Enormous successful transactions and the glamorous settings of JAIPUR JEWELLERY SHOW are the principal reasons for this show running successfully with full charisma for the last 15 years.
  • It is indeed a great hub for the exchange of ideas regarding gems and jewelry and needless to say, it is a great ground for the dealings in gems and jewellery. High-end standards have been maintained by the organisers consistently for the last 15 years.
  • This gigantic show celebrates the authenticity and true spirit of jewellery in all aspects. All the exhibitors maintain a status in terms of both product quality and innovativeness in the designs.
  • The panel of exhibitors is as sparkling as the gems sold here.
  • Prestigious business houses showcase their most unique designer collections in this show. Not only jewellery pieces but also pure gemstones are sold.
  • The other great attraction is the allied and machinery section that is prevalent in this exhibition.
  • Different types of tools and types of machinery along with innovative manufacturing ideas are also showcased in this show.
  • People from all over the country visit the show. Gem and jewellery manufacturers come across some excellent technologies in this exhibition that helps them to enhance their own business and also produce some more finest collections.
  • The space of the exhibition is as dazzling and awesome as the set up itself. Spread over a huge area, the exhibition floor is designed in the most strategical as well as grand fashion.

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Exhibitors Registration Process

  • All the exhibitors need to book slots with the minimal token money that is calculated based on per square feet area that you book. High profile official hotels are arranged for the exhibitors.
  • All types of conveniences and facilities are available there. Out of the all the booths around 250 are allotted for gemstones, 450 plus for jewellery and others are for tolls and allied products.  In the booths, gems and jewellery, tools and types of machinery, jewellery packing materials are exhibited.
  • This is a great platform of uniting the skilled and talented crafts person from all across India. It is like creating a talent hub that represents the potential of the Indian jewellery market
  • The reason why Jaipur is chosen for such exhibition is that Jaipur is the most celebrated spot for the manufacturing and trade of gems and jewellery.

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  • Over the years Jaipur has been one of the most highlighted spots for the manufacturing and business of gems and jewellery.
  • Moreover, it is a very prominent historic spot in India. Internationally well known as the gorgeous pink city, Jaipur is indeed a great location for hosting such events.
  • There are ample sites nearby that are of tourist importance. This type of setting also attracts international visitors.
  • The beauty and grandeur of the city create a profound impact on visitors about the exquisiteness of Indian art and crafting.
  • Near to the exhibition ground, the immense number of spots that are of tourist preferences are located.
  • These include the Amer fort, amber palace and so on. Jaipur itself is a beautiful city. Simply walking around the city can give you the vibes of great craftsmanship and architectural excellence.
  • The historic appeal of the city is a true reflection of the grandeur of Rajasthan. The jewellery designs are often inspired by the intricate carvings of the forts and palaces in Jaipur. The royal r4 residences of the rajas and maharajas of Jaipur are worth visiting. The Sheesh mahal, Hawa mahal and deewan- e- khash are among the other buildings of great historical importance. So, once you come to visit the exhibition, you can also have an excellent tour of the most royal city of India.
  • The Jaipur jewellery show has the preliminary objective to provide a concrete base to the gems and jewellery manufacturers. This provides a strong boost to the complete business realm of the jewellery market in India.
  • Moreover, strategical marketing of gems and jewellery on both national and international platforms. Jaipur jewellery show also tries to focus on the fact that only trading is not the future of the Indian jewellery market.
  • Until and unless new research and strategies come up, the market cannot move forward. Exhibitions like JAIPUR JEWELLERY SHOW is great for the circulation of new innovative technologies for gem and jewellery manufacturing.
  • The new ideas get circulated among manufacturers at both national and international level. The organisers also claim that there has been a notable statistical rise in the number of jobs created at both rural and urban level in the jewellery sector due to such exhibitions.
  • Many jewellery manufacturers do produce quality products and designs of international level but fail to establish any fruitful collaboration.
  • JAIPUR JEWELLERY SHOW aims at bringing the limelight over such non identified and underrated talent. And lastly, it is indeed a great social project for the upliftment of the prestige of the entire jewellery family of India.


Registration Process for JJS 2019

  • If you are interested then you can simply register yourself as a visitor and get free entry passes for attending the exhibition. Over the last 15 editions, the exhibition is being attended by visitors from all corners of India. Right from small scale retailers to jewellery designing students, the base is profound and widespread. The end level users of the jewellery, that is the consumers also attend this exhibition on a huge scale.
  • The enormous variety of gems and jewellery is indeed a paradise for shopping. Large business houses who are willing to broaden their bases also gather a huge stock of collections as well as machineries from this exhibition.
  • International jewellery merchants, as well as those firms who source Indian jewellery to international markets, form the eminent share of visitors. Students who are interested in having real-life experience in the field of gems and jewellery also attend this exhibition. Those who come from far away can also choose to stay at the official hotels (chargeable) that are in collaboration with the show.

How to reach

  • This exhibition is also a lucrative option for international visitors because of numerous reasons. First of all, they are being exposed to a great hub of beautiful jewellery collections. The beauty of Indian jewellery designed by famous jewellery designers crafting and design is indeed great and world-renowned. Also, the location of the exhibition is extremely easy to access. It can be easily reached from Delhi airport.
  • Jaipur is a great tourist attraction loaded with excellent specimens of Indian art and heritage buildings. International trading in the field of gems and jewellery is greatly boosted because of JAIPUR JEWELLERY SHOW.
  • Jewellery with unmatched designs and beauty are exhibited here. Every piece that is put up for exhibition is the finest collections. Both traditional Indian jewellery, as well as sleek designer pieces, are portrayed.
  • Designer hand made silver jewellery pieces with heritage designs of India are among the fab collections of the exhibition. Other than that, pieces that are distinguished as Indian classic jewellery items such as Kundan or Polki jewellery are also hot favourites.
  • The end users indulge in buying various types of authentic gold and 18k diamond jewellery. This exhibition is also a great place to complete bridal jewellery shopping. Coloured stones jewellery, diamond and coloured stone combinations are greatly liked by international delegates.
  • A piece of the jewel can enhance the style and statement of the wearer. Such exhibitions help in bringing around the flexibility and mobility in the world of gems and jewellery world. Such motion is extremely favourable for creating better trading options and opportunities. The growth of the jewellery sector is also greatly fostered through such large international scale exhibitions. The Indian jewellery sector is an awesome place to develop business and JJS positively contributes to the upliftment and nurturing of this realm.


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