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Wedding Ring Left or Right-On which hand it is more compatible

Why do we Wear Wedding Ring on the left hand?

A wedding ring is a sign of promise, love and compassion. It helps to manifest the deep feelings and love that is associated with the wedding. Wedding is the bond that connects two people and so is the wedding ring. Physically the ring might be a tiny one but its implications are mammoth and indeed deep-rooted. It is a strong connection that helps two people to become one soul and live thereafter together.

Let us have a look at the history which backs the practice of wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. 

  • This tradition emerged from the ancient Romans. The ancient Romans had a belief that the vein which emerges from the fourth finger of the left-hand runs directly to the heart. Therefore, when your partner places the wedding ring on this finger, your heart gets stimulated. The whole idea revolves around the idea of love.


  • The Romans named the concerned vein as vena amoris or the vein of love. Well, later on with scientific advancements it became evident that veins from all the fingers run to the heart, but the discovery was far late than the onset of the tradition. Placing of wedding rings on the left hand has a deep implication which focuses on the coming closer and union of two hearts.
  • Wearing wedding rings on the left hand though emerged in Rome, but now it is followed all over the world. Not only European countries, but whenever there is a question of placing a wedding ring, it is the left hand that is chosen. Not only wedding rings but engagement rings before the wedding are also worn on the left hand.
  • Across the world, in ancient times many cultures such as Islamic or Egyptian believed the using of the left hand as a taboo but that has not demanded the concept of wearing wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hand.


  • The Egyptian culture was also among the first who encouraged the wearing of wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand. They had put up the theory that the most delicate nerve of the body was the one associated with the fourth finger of the left hand. Since all about love and wedding is delicate and soft, this was the particularly chosen finger.
  • Placing of the wedding ring is like having a grip over the vein of your lover. It metaphorically signifies the encompassing of the lives of two lovers who were going to lead the rest of their lives together.
  • There is another popular theory in Christianity that makes this left-hand fourth finger as the ring finger. When you are crossed in an orthodox Christian church, the thumb and the fourth finger need to be intertwined. That is why the fourth finger is indicative of purity in love and compassion and is, therefore, best suited for placing a wedding ring.

Theories may come and logic’s may go, but the passion between lovers goes on forever.


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