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Simple Tricks to Remove a Stuck Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is far more than an accessory. It is precious and timeless. It is full of memories and emotions. But the problem arises when you are actually unable to remove the ring. A ring getting stuck in the finger is almost a nightmare. It is deadly indeed and a certain reason that frightens many. Let us have a quick glance at what are the probable ways in which you can remove a stuck engagement ring from your finger using a few simple tricks and home remedies.

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Tricks to Remove a Stuck Engagement Ring

  1. Sometimes, the fingers get swelled up. For this reason, the ring might get stuck. The swelling is mainly due to water retention in the tissues of the fingers. If this is happening every day to you, then probably it is time to check your diet. Now you might be thinking that this is something bizarre, what has food got to do with stuck rings. But science is the master player here. If you eat things that are junk oily spicy, it increases the level of toxins that gets stored in the tissues. These cosmetically potent toxins draw water into the tissues paces and accordingly you finger undergoes short lasting edema every morning. So, stay away from toxins.
  2. Now if the problem is grave and you have tries out a couple of times in vain to remove your ring, then try out a few mechanical ways. Try removing the ring by twisting it. Put your index finger on the top and thumb on the bottom of the ring, now try to pull out the ring in a twisting fashion. This may help out. You can try another way. Keep your hand at a position higher than your heart level. This will restrict the flow of blood to the fingers. It might reduce the swelling and help you to pull out the ring easily.
  3. If these don’t work, then dip your hand in a bowl full of freezing cold water. The skin and tissues might undergo some temporary contraction and the shrinking of the area makes it easy to pull out the ring. This is an easy way. Does not involve much of hard work or problems
  4. The best way out is trying out a lubricant. The lubricant effectively reduces the lubricant between the skin surface and the ring. It will help remove the ring easily. There is a long list of lubricants that can be used. You may use a couple of kitchen products if commercial lubricants are not available. The list of products that you can use are: –
  • Commercial petroleum jelly
  • Baby oil
  • Body lotion preferably the one has higher oil content
  • Shampoo or conditioner
  • Soap and water

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  • Butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Cooking oil
  • Peanut butter (can be sticky and messy but works great)
  1. If all these methods fail, then there is only one option that you are left with. Use a dental floss to remove the ring. This should be actually the last option to avail.
  • Put the dental floss under the ring that is slip the floss in the space between the ring and the finger skin. It is tricky and difficult and hence you might take the help of a needle
  • Now you need to start to twist this dental floss so that it wraps all your finger properly. This wrapping should be firm but not so hard that your finger gets injured
  • Now slowly start unwinding the floss, the ring will come out
  • The process is tricky but very useful. After removing the ring apply some moisturiser over the place


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