A wallet is the most important accessory for men.

If Wallet is lost Everything is lost because it is the place where you keep all your important stuff like Driving license, money or any other important document of yours.

There are various things need to keep in mind before Buying Wallet like

Leather Quality

Fit in your Pocket

How many items you keep in the Wallet

It’s Very difficult to find the desired wallet which fixes all your above problems but if you go for a branded wallet then your all needs get fulfilled.

So let’s Discuss some of the Top 10 Wallets brands that Suit your need and Style.

Louis Vuitton:-

Brand Name – Louis Vuitton


FOUNDED – 1854

ANNUAL TURNOVER – 12 Billion Dollars


Brand Name – Gucci


FOUNDED – 1921

ANNUAL TURNOVER – 11.6 Billion Dollars

Price Range – Begins with 200 Dollars

Popular Model – Gucci Men’s Canvas Black Leather Trim Slim Wallet

The Product of Gucci is Easily identifiable due to its logo


Brand Name – Hermes

HEADQUARTERS – Paris Ile de France

FOUNDED – 1837

ANNUAL TURNOVER – 6.6 Billion Dollars

Tommy Hilfiger:-

Brand Name – Tommy Hilfiger

HEADQUARTERS – Amsterdam Netherland

FOUNDED – 1985

ANNUAL TURNOVER – 6.6 Billion Dollars

Price Range – Begins with $20.

Popular Model – Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ranger Passcase Wallet


Brand Name – Puma

HEADQUARTERS – Herzogenaurach,Germany

FOUNDED – 1924

ANNUAL TURNOVER – 5.5 Billion Dollars

Hugo Boss:-

Brand Name – Hugo Boss

HEADQUARTERS – Metzinger, Germany

FOUNDED – 1924

ANNUAL TURNOVER – 3.3 Billion Dollars

Price Range – Begins with $50

Popular Model – Hugo Boss Brummi Bi-Fold Coin Pocket


Brand Name – Armani

HEADQUARTERS – Milan Lombardy

FOUNDED – 1975

ANNUAL TURNOVER – 2.9 Billion Dollars


Brand Name – Burberry

HEADQUARTERS – London, England

FOUNDED – 1856

ANNUAL TURNOVER – 2.5 Billion Dollars


Brand Name – Timberland

HEADQUARTERS – Stratham New Hampshire

FOUNDED – 1952

ANNUAL TURNOVER – 1.8 Billion Dollars

Price Range – $15

Popular model – Timberland Men’s Blix Leather Wallet


Brand Name – Valentino

HEADQUARTERS – Milan Lombardy

FOUNDED – 1960

ANNUAL TURNOVER – 1.1 Billion Dollars