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High heels Effects – What are the Pros And Cons of Wearing it?

High heels Effects

“Give a girl, the right shoes and she can

Conquer the world.”


I believe if jewellery adds sparkles to her beauty, high heel add strength. Not only strength, but high heel even depicts high standards of women.

What you wear-and it always starts with your shoes-determines the kind of character you have. The women who wear a high heel carry herself in a very different way than the girl who wears sneakers/sandals. Heels really determine how you carry yourself. Heels not only uplift the beauty of women but also change her mood and the way she will move-may be like a wild beautiful animal.

High heel empowers women in a way. It makes women 25% more dominant, 50% more self-secure and 100% sexier. They give you power, let you move differently and even speak differently.

Even then, high heeled shoes have attracted praise and criticism in the same measure for centuries. It restricts your leg movement by reducing your steps and at the same time, it makes you appear that you are walking faster and likely to fall with your very next step. Thus, women love and hate heels at the same time. No matter, how they feel about them, whether comfortable or not, women still prefer to wear them and look glamorously confident. Listed below are the reasons why women love to wear high heels :-

  • Heels make them walk more attractive

  • They make them appear more feminine.

  • Heels are even office dress code

  • They Symbolise power

  • They are culturally-ingrained

  • They make them stand-out among the fellows.

  • They are now regarded as status symbol and measure of professionalism

  • There are some dresses that are designed to be worn only with high heels.

  • High heels bring out inherent grace in women by improving the body posture

  • The most important reason is, most women wear heels because they like doing so.

Now the question is, what ‘costs’ women by wearing high heels?

Side effects of high heels –

  • Pain: Heels should be preferred to wear in situations where there is not much need to be on your feet, or walking a lot as they can extremely hurt your feet after standing for quite long time.
  • If you are not habitual or not in practice of wearing heels, and still you wear them, you will end up hobbling around awkwardly.
  • They can be pretty inconvenient, by making you walk slowly and by restricting you from taking big strides.
  • Can easily get yourself injured in heels by losing your balance or twisting an ankle or hurt yourself from falling.

So, before you or I make any Judgement whether it’s good to wear heels or not, let’s first look at the pros and cons of wearing high heels.

Cons of wearing High Heels –


Although the disadvantages of wearing heels are less visible unless we feel the pain of standing for too much time in our favourite heels or take them off by the end of the day. There are many problems associated with wearing heels which are not easily visible but, however, those can be serious and can cause severe changes in your body that can never be reversible.

  • Damages high heels can cause to our bone structure are drastic, it can damage our spine and knees.
  • It can easily cause ankle injuries. Even can end-up twisting our ankle if the shoe fitting is not proper and not holding the ankle in right place.
  • In heels, our weight is redistributed and its focused all on balls of our feet, causing severe pain which can further cause joint pains.
  • Ignorance of small issues like corns callouses and ingrown toenails can result in long term and serious health problems such as hammertoes, bunions and pump bums.
  • Health problems regarding hip, knee and back pain can also be the result of wearing high heels.
  • High-heel wearers for many consecutive years may even experience health issues and pain even on wearing flats, due to developed foot deformities.

Pros of wearing High Heels –


So, are you now planning to pack up your all favourite heels or thinking to shift to flats? We still can’t make any judgement without studying the pros of wearing high heels. Ladies, if you have experienced that glamorous feeling in your pair of heels, I guarantee you can never compromise with your standards by not wearing heels. The benefits of wearing heels are listed below for all beauties that can never-give-up wearing high heels:

  • They give shape to calf muscles; elongate the look of your legs making you look glamorous, long and leaner.
  • Heels with proper fit, shock absorbers and arch support are perfect pair of heels for every heel lover.
  • High heels transform your look completely, making you look seductive, smart, confident and glamorous.
  • High heels improve your pelvic muscles, by placing them in an optimum position to contract and strengthen.

So, now what you beauties think?

Want to give up on heels or still addicted to your heels? Whatever you choose, the choice is yours, but certainly high heels, regularly are not good for you. But, still, you can keep your favourite pairs in your collection to wear them occasionally or at some special occasions, or only when necessary.


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