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Best conservative Business attire for Men

Business Attire For Men

If you run a business then its very important for you to follow the Professional business attire.

Your dressing sense decides your business will grow or fall.

If you follow a professional attire and encourage your employees to follow the same, your company will definitely grow.


In a Company it is very important to have a Healthy environment that’s why the big multinational companies put a lot of pressure on their staff dressing style.


Even lot of management institutes like IIIM’s conduct time to time grooming sessions in their colleges to encourage their students to always follow the proper attire.

For Example – A Big Financial institute Shows interest in your Company to Invest after seeing your good Business model.They arranged a business meet with your management team and if in that business meet you and your team doesn’t dressed well, I mean if they will not Present themselves with good dressing sense they will definitely losses down this big Opportunity just because of their poor dressing sense.

Here i am sharing with you Some of the ideas related to



If we talk in terms of BUSINESS then suit is one of the best Business attire.

For Example – Black, grey, Blue etc Colour suit is recommendable.

  • Don’t wear wrinkles suit.
  • Make sure Suit must be fully dry cleaned.
  • You can wear velvet suits also if you have.


You can wear blazer as well if you want, it is also an amazing business attire.

Design :- Checks or Plain

Colour- Grey, Blue


If your won’t feel comfortable wearing suit then you can go for formal shirt and pant.

Make sure wear light colour shirt.

Avoid Wearing Bold colour Shirt or Pant.

Try to match shirt pant colour as well for example :-

  • Grey shirt with black pant.
  • White Shirt with black shirt.
  • Pink Shirt with Blue pant.
  • Avoid wearing jeans if you are going for a important business deal.
  • Make sure shirt should be toughed in.
  • Your Shirt and Pant Should be ironed well.

Tie :-

You can wear tie as well with formal suit, it looks more Professional


Wear Black or Brown leather belt that matches well with your attire.

Avoid wearing white belts or any funky belt buckle.

Shoe –

Let’s talk about shoes, Wear formal black or Brown Pointer leather shoes of a top shoe brands.


  • Wear leather stap watches or you can wear smart watch as well because it is more in a trend now a days.
  • Avoid wearing bracelet watches

Use Deo or perfume

There is a saying that if you smells good you looks good.

Sweating leads to bad smell so always use perfume or deodorant before going for a business meet.

Wrist bracelet :-

Do not wear any funky bracelet on your wrist it will put bad impression on others.


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