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Sherwani Brands-Top 10 best brands for Sherwani in India

Top brands for Sherwani

Choosing the perfect sherwani to glam up a festive look can be a challenging task. With so many Clothing Brands to choose from, the Indian grooms are often in an eternal dilemma to choose the ones that suit them the best. Sherwani is a popular Indian attire that men mostly wear at their weddings. Sherwanis are also worn by the groom’s friends and family members.

Top 10 Sherwani brands in India

Here are the top 10 brands for you to choose a perfect Sherwani from, to match the unprecedented bridal glow :-

1. Manyavar

One of the most popular brands in India for Sherwanis of all kinds. The brand is well known for its unique collection. Each piece from Manyavar is versatile, soothing, and reflects class and grandeur. Choose from the wide range of color and fabric options at Manyavar.

2. Diwan Saheb

If you love the traditional design and fabric types when it comes to Sherwanis, this is a perfect brand. The designs and fabrics are grossly traditional. In fact, the rich colors and dense fabrics are a trademark of the Suit brands. It is well appreciated among Indian grooms because Indian weddings do call for something traditionally elegant.

3. Sabyasachi

The top Indian fashion designers brand does not call for any introduction. The Bengali fashion designer who shaped the modern era of the Indian Fashion Industry is the legendary Sabyasachi Mukherjee. It is a dream of every Indian groom and bride to feature his clothes on their special day. The precision and fineness of the Sabyasachi Sherwanis are beyond words.

4. Panache

In case you are looking out for something unique and a bit out of the box, you can go for this brand. The most priced collections from Panache are the fine embroidery pieces. They mostly focus on delicate hand work. So, if you like embroideries and would like to try something new at your wedding, Panache Sherwanis can be a cool option.

5. Raymond

Ethnix Raymond is the oldest. Most popular fine textile suiting brands in India for men, serving them since time immemorial. The Ethnix section of Raymond is exclusively dedicated to the grooms of modern India. The idea of Raymond Ethnix is to bring about a perfect combination of traditional and modern designs. The pieces are extremely stylish and reflect mindful creation.

6. Mangaldeep

For the grooms who are looking out for drop-dead gorgeous Benarasi pieces, here is your go-to brand. With premium-quality heavy work Benarasi and gold embroidery, this brand can add all the glitz and shimmer to your groom wedding attire. The stoles to accompany the Sherwanis are even more gorgeous. The brand is extremely creative when it comes to hues and motifs.

7. Rajwadi

It is a Rajasthani brand. The USP of this brand is Anarkali Sherwani. With a touch of ethnic Rajasthani flavors of sequence and handwork, the brand is quite popular among today’s grooms. Rajwadi is quite versatile as a brand. They have not stereotyped Anarkali sherwanis with loud colors. You can explore their collection for some very distinguished pieces.

8. Naksh

Grooms who love to step out of the traditional aura and try something new and fresh go for this novice brand. Naksh is a newcomer to the men’s wedding attire collection but has received significant praise now. They are mostly inspired by the Jodhpuri traditional collections. Naksh is best known for its Bandhgala Sherwani design.

9. Samyakk

For the silk lovers out there, this is your brand. Samyakk is exclusively known for its fine craftsmanship of Silk ethnic wear for both men and women. Some of the best silk sherwanis in India are manufactured by this label. Hence, if you love silk and want to try out something ethnic fusion on your wedding day, the brand can be ideal for you.

10. Manish Malhotra

The most popular and well-known celebrity label in Indian garments. If you really have a high budget and want to try exclusive Sherwani on your wedding day, Manish Malhotra is all set for you with Bollywood designer Sherwanis. Churned with versatility, style, and appeal, this is the right thing to style your perfect wedding look. The pieces are incredibly expensive Final Words You must have decided on the brand that would feature your wedding Sherwani.


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