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Top 10 Best Brand of Saree in India

Top 10 Saree Brands in India :-

For all the saree lovers, it is a matter of utmost dilemma that which brand is the best. Well just like sarees, favourite brands are also a matter of personal choice.

Let us have a look at the top 10 Indian saree brands :-

Manish Malhotra Sarees –

With an annual turnover exceeding 1 billion INR, Manish Malhotra sarees is one of the leading brands for sarees in India. There is perhaps no fashionista in India who isn’t aware of the famous celebrity designer Manish Malhotra and his collection. The quality and unique design of the sarees are fabulous and are celebrated for their authentic look.

Ritu Kumar Sarees –

This is the brand of Ritu Kumar – the famous Indian fashion designer who has been awarded the Padma Shree award in 2013. Ritu Kumar Sarees are spectacular and quite celebrated among all strata of Indian society. The sarees of this brand primarily focus on the use of natural fabric. The brand revolves around the usage of traditional printing techniques. The sarees are unique and highlight the importance of natural and sustainable clothing.

Satya Paul Saree –

Satya Paul was one of the top jewellery designers in India and has set one of the landmarks in the Saree industry of India. From exclusively designer to simple stylish pieces, the brand never fails to amaze its customers. The sarees from this brand are mostly based on materials like chiffon, georgette, satin, crepe, and net. The sarees from this brand are available in s price ranges and uses silk fabric in almost all its collection.

Sabyasachi –

The brand that needs no introduction. Sabyasachi is definitely the dream designer of many. Sabyasachi Mukherjee. The brand that started in Kolkata almost 20 years back has now become the fashion buzz for the whole industry. The primary attractions of Sabyasachi sarees are that they use the best fabrics and bring the sarees alive by the extensive use of zari, embroidery work and highlight Indian motifs beautifully. The wedding sarees by Sabyasachi is a stunner collection. It is one of those brands that speak of heritage, fashion, and quality on the same plate.

Nalli Silk Sarees –

It is one of the most primitive brands of sarees in India. There is not one saree enthusiast in the country who isn’t aware of this brand. The brand is named after the owner Nalli Chinnasami Chetty and is based in Mumbai. The brand was inaugurated in the year 1928. It offers a beautiful silk saree collection to all the customers. Not only silk sarees, but their collection also extends to Rajsthani Kota sarees, Lucknow cotton sarees, and all other types of embroidered sarees. However, silk sarees especially south Indian silk sarees remain the main attraction of this brand.

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Meena Bazaar Sarees –

The apt description for the brand would be – where style meets affordability. It is one of the most phenomenal saree brands in the whole country and originates from Delhi. Meena Bazaar sarees are cheap and the best. From casual to festive wear, from printed to embroidery, one can get the best quality sarees from this brand. They manufacture sarees on multiple fabrics like Silk, georgette, crepe, satin, and so on. Not only for regular wear, but they also have a stock of festive silk sarees like Dupian and Paithani. Meena Bazaar Sarees is a hub of affordable yet fashionable collections.

Bharatsthali Sarees –

Resembling the name, the collection of this brand reflects everything that is truly traditionally Indian. You can get a wide range of sarees from this brand that goes well for almost every occasion. The brand is best known for its ethnic collection and has changed the definition of ethnic Indian wear from being boring to the most compatible collection ever. The purely handcrafted sarees of this brand are not only beautiful and unique but are perfect for the weather in India. They manufacture silk, linen, cotton sarees that goes best with the traditional and cultural platter of India.

Kalanjali Sarees –

Having originated in 1992 by the Ramoji Group in Hyderabad, this is one of the oldest saree brands in India. They mostly deal with silk sarees of exquisite quality. Gadhwal sarees from this brand are the best known and a top favorite. Apart from Gadhwal, Banarasi and Kota sarees are also hot selling products of Kalanjali Sarees. From regular office wear to special occasions, Kalanjali sarees cater to the need of every woman.

Bombay Selection –

This brand is well known for its bridal attire and party wear collection. Bombay Selection has its fantastic showroom in Delhi but also operates from other locations. The brand came into existence in 1993 and is one of the best even today. They have a huge collection of shimmering glamorous sarees that can light up the look of any woman for any festivity. Their exclusive collection is a must-have in the wardrobe of every woman. They sell both casual and heavy traditional sarees. For your office party or for the fat wedding season, you can find the perfect saree to match your look from this amazing brand.

Fab India –

The brand that understands the need of modern-day women. Their chich and stylish collection attract women deeply. The speciality of this TATA brand lies in its elegance. Every piece is unique, sober, and has a sophisticated vibe associated with it. Fab India is a well-known fabric kurti brands in India and has a wide range of silk, satin, crepe, georgette, net, and cotton sarees to showcase. The best part about this brand is its extended motive of supporting the rural textile industry. Fab India sells sarees that are handcrafted by poor rural artisans. This brand popularises traditional rural Indian fabric and designs and the unique art form of Indian villages that are on the verge of extinction. It has a beautiful collection and a noble cause.

These are the 10 top saree brands in India each with its unique style statement. So, which one is your favorite brand, and which do you think is the best for Indian Women?


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