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Tips to Choose Groom Wedding Sherwani for Memorable Pics

Tips to choose sherwani for the groom

It is imperative to talk about sherwani when wedding bells are around the corner. On auspicious occasions like weddings, sherwani is considered an ideal attire for grooms. It is such an event where the entire family comes together and celebrates with passion and enthusiasm.

It is obvious that both groom and Bride Attire want to look best on their big fat wedding day. While brides, when it comes to wedding outfits, have multiple options to choose from, for men, the scope is slightly limited. 

Therefore, grooms need to take some little extra care as they want to make a fashion statement and compliment their lovely brides with their wedding garments.

So which outfit is the best for Grooms? 

In most cases, a classic sherwani is the most elegant and safest option to go for. But choosing the perfect sherwani for the groom that catches everyone’s attention is not as easy as it sounds. 

So, if you are also about to get hitched soon and need some urgent assistance with your look, then this article is for you. 

Put a full stop to all your worries and relax as we are there to help you with some great tips and ideas on picking the perfect sherwani brand for yourself. So without any further delay, let’s get straight into it.

Avoid waiting till the last moment 

Plan before time as last-minute changes or alterations are always frustrating. Men usually shop just before the wedding day and rush to the tailors at the last moment. Trust me, it is not a good option and will lead to chaos and panic. Get ready with your outfit at least 10 days before your wedding day to avoid such a situation. 

Go for ethnic

There is no comparison between an outfit which is traditional and enriched with modern design. It is a mark of elegance, class and excellence. Sherwani fulfills all necessities of royal and regal suiting in such a way that the feel of the fabric takes you into another world of the Mughal era. There is no harm in accepting this universal fact that women have a better sense of fashion. Therefore, we strongly recommended that you take advice from your mother, friend, sister, or any other woman that you know in person. 

Pick the perfect colour for your wedding sherwani 

The old-school coloured wedding sherwanis are passe now. The new-age grooms prefer to choose trendy colours like neons, pastels, mints, lilacs, and lavenders. These colours present the best case when styled with perfection for a minimal, yet classy groom. These soothing and eye-pleasing sherwani colours will make your wedding day just the way you want it to be. 

Compliment your bride’s wedding outfit 

It is always a good idea to sync the style and colour of your wedding outfit with your bride lehenga buying tips. Well-coordinated wedding garments are as good as visual treats for wedding guests. For instance, if your bride is going for some out-of-the-box colour and you are not confident enough to pull it off, then consider adding some element in your ensemble which coincides with the chosen shade. It could be a wedding safa, a dupatta border or even an added accessory. 

Perfect fit and comfort will make your day

Style is important but comfort wins the race. After all, we all want to carry our outfits well to be able to get comfortable in our skin. Most people tend to forget this crucial aspect while choosing the sherwani. An ill-fitted Sherwani can be a reason for embarrassment. When we talk about Indian weddings, it is all about music, dance and fun, so preferably you should wear something that is neither too tight nor too loose to avoid issues like pulling, tearing, or similar types of malfunctioning. 

Final Words

A wedding is the most important day for a couple and they want to seize the moment by wearing the best outfits. As this article is dedicated to helping grooms in selecting their sherwanis, one must understand that there are an ample number of patterns and designs to choose from when it comes to sherwanis. Many emerging top Indian Fashion designers are coming up with new designs and patterns each day to transform the face of the groom’s wedding ensemble. Go through all the tips and tricks mentioned above and decide what wedding sherwani you want for your wedding. Lastly, if you find this article helpful, make sure to drop a comment below in the comment section. 


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