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Perfume Buying Tips Or Guide – Know How to Buy?

Choosing the best and ideal perfume can be a crucially daunting task. Perfumes are special to our heart, soul, they create memories for us. Most importantly perfumes define our personality.

But how to choose the right scent for yourself or your loved ones?

There are multivariate components that make up a perfume and even a ton of parameters to consider before buying the right perfume for yourself.

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Here is a perfect and concise perfume guide for amateurs to start their journey and for the pro perfume lovers to revise:

Perfume Types

This is the broadest parameter when choosing the perfumes. Largely speaking, this is the type of fragrance that the perfume will feature. It is wise to choose perfume types according to the occasion and personality. Here are some of the most prominent perfume types:

1. Floral

One of the most popular, widely used and primitive perfume types. It has existed since time immemorial. The initial perfumes were made with extracts of flowers and floral essential oils and that represents the floral perfume tone. It is great for romantic dates. This family of perfumes consists of members like rose, jasmine, and orange blossoms. The fragrance is light and oriental.

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2. Spice

The spicy fragrance is a mix of musk and sweet. Essences like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and pepper are quite popular when it comes to the spicy perfume family. It has a sultry inclination.

3. Amber

It is great if you are trying out the perfume for some corporate parties. Amber smells have a vanilla note to it. It clearly defines a very bold and outgoing personality. Wear it to offices or even dates if you want to create a profound impact.

4. Citrus

If you like a light, frolic and energetic Mediterranean note to the perfume, citrus is the best perfume family to go with. Infused with extracts of grape, lemon and oranges – these are ideal for beach visits, friend’s day out and especially during long sweaty summers.

5. Wood

The most generic and unquestionable fragrance family. Wood essence like cedar or sandalwood are quite popular as a unisex perfume family; it is potentially used in both male and female perfumes. However, it can be the one stop solution for men.

6. Fresh

For people who are mostly in love with fresh deodorant type smell, this family of perfume would be ideal. Consisting of fresh fragrances like those of cucumber, lily and iris – the subtlety and beauty of these fragrances are unmatched and they are ideal for almost every occasion.

7. Fragrance Notes

You must have heard about the terms Top notes or base notes when out for perfume shopping. Fragrance notes are basically scent layers. Top note is the initial scent that you experience when you spray a perfume. That is the first smell that hits your olfactory senses when you use any fragrance.

Top notes usually last for the first 15 minutes of using the fragrance. Once the top notes strat to fade out, the heart notes start to blossom. It lasts longer than the top notes and makes up the fragrance almost 80 to 90 percent of its lasting time. The end of the perfume smell is through the base notes. The long lasting notes that are rich and smooth and most importantly constitute the memories are the base notes. They trigger emotional responses.

Most people fall for a perfume brands in the world due to its base notes. It is vital to experience all the fragrance notes of a perfume before deciding whether it will suit your preference or not.

Fragrance Concentration

Depending on the concentration of the scent, perfumes are usually classified into four categories as follows:

1. Pure Parfum

It is the purest form of the perfume with around 30% to 40% fragrance. These are the most expensive ones lasting for almost 8 hours.

2. Eau De Parfum

Characterized by high alcohol concentration, this one is the most common type of perfume use. They last for 4 to 5 hours on the skin with a fragrance concentration of 15% to 20%.

3. Eau De Toilette

The name comes from the French word “getting ready”. These are short lived fragrances (maximum life being 3 hours) and have a fragrance concentration of 5% to 15%.

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4. Eau De Cologne

Very light, subtle and minimalistic fragrances with only 2 to 4% of the fragrance and very high alcohol concentration makes it short-lived.

Perfumes can be one of the best gifts to yourself and also for your loved ones. However, keep in mind these factors when purchasing one.


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