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About Bombay Shaving Company Details

The Men’s Grooming industry is right now witnessing a very steep rise and the trend has remained the same for the past few years. Gone are the days when men’s grooming was undermined or understated as something not needed.

The grooming industry has seen a massive shift in recent years where consumer needs have radically shifted from basic grooming solutions to innovative high-end and problem-centric products that can enhance their overall beauty regime.

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One brand that has evolved parallel with the men’s grooming consumer needs and has successfully catered to them is the Bombay Shaving Company.

It is currently one of the leading B2C companies working efficiently in the retail space and segments of the consumer goods market. The primary aim at the inception of the brand was to renovate the men’s grooming sphere and to cater to the unique needs of Indian men,

About Bombay Shaving Company Co-Founders

The company was founded in 2016 by the talented entrepreneur Shantanu Deshpande. Having ideally spotted the lacunas in traditional men’s grooming products, he wanted to fill those gaps and make men’s grooming much more customized and streamlined. This shift of paradigm was facilitated by the amazing international standard premium beauty products from the Bombay Shaving Company.

Though Sahntanu Deshpande is the primary name behind the company, in reality there are other co-founders and investors of the company including Deepu Panicker, Rohit Jaiswal, and Raunak Munot.

The company is formed by the active participation of the employees out of whom Shanky Chauhan is the driving force (as evident from the appreciation post of the CEO on LikedIn. The company is based in Gurgaon, India. The company has 145 employees as of now.

The best-selling products from the brands include types of beards and shaving care, and shaving blades (one of the major favorites of consumers because the company sources its blades with Japanese technology).

Apart from shaving essentials, the brand has other major verticals like bathing essentials and men’s skincare products. No wonder, with its excellent product formulation and market approach, it has managed to attain the position of India’s leading FMCG brand.

The diverse portfolio of men’s grooming products from the brand is based on the foundations of innovation and new-age skin-care technology. The brand has truly prioritized men’s needs like none other. Their in-house production of the essentials is truly a luxury product range.

Brand Ambassador –

Ranvijay Singha appointed as brand ambassador of Bombay Shaving Company in 2022.

Acquisition by Colgate-Palmolive Asia Pacific –

In 2018, Colgate-Palmolive Asia Pacific showed interest in this new age company and acquired 14 % stake in Bombay Shaving Company.

Bombay Shaving Company – Milestone in Men’s Grooming Essentials

One of the major reasons for the success of the brand is its customizable approach. Bombay Shaving company has always acknowledged the diversity in the men’s facial hair growth patterns and has launched various customizable shaving kits to address the unique needs of Indian men.

Also, the use of completely eco-friendly and natural ingredients makes their products sustainable and much more acceptable. With sustainable cosmetics gaining massive pace in the industry, the products from Bombay Shaving Company have become immensely popular among the users.

Also, using natural products mitigates the possibility of any side effects or skin infections. Bombay Shaving Company has revolutionized the men’s grooming industry in India and set truly high standards They have set truly lofty benchmarks with men’s personalized grooming experiences.

The company has also worked for multiple social causes extending their impact and establishing their presence as a responsible member of the men’s grooming product baseline.

They also engage with their loyal customers online through various media campaigns, personalized newsletters, emails, and other service updates. This one-to-one customer interaction is extremely valuable for the progress

The direct consumer-centric approach and immense coal presence have elevated the brand’s business in multiple ways. It reaches the consumers directly, approaches them, and prioritizes their needs.

These steps have immensely helped the brand to grow immensely popular among users. Not only in terms of product quality, it has also excelled in the customer-centric sales approach that has eloquently helped in expanding and retaining its customer base.

Ordering products and tracking the same is now easier with the official website of Bombay Shaving Company. The products are also available on major e-commerce retail sherwani brands. Customers can also share their honest feedback to the company which helps in fostering growth and improvement of the company.

The Bombay shaving company brand is a reputed Indian origin men’s grooming brand that offers a plethora of premium and tailor made handpicked men’s grooming essentials and beauty products.

It is a luxurious brand with each product finely crafted to meet the unique needs of Indian men. The products are at par with some of the best selling Internationally acclaimed brands.


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