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Top B3(Best Belt Brands) in the World

Belts are indeed one of the best accessories and also the most potential ones that can change your look and modify your style to a great extent. From formal blacks to subtle beige, belts can redefine your get-up unexpectedly well. The belt is also one of the most important elements to put an outfit together. So, if you are on your way to creating a style that speaks of you and your image, do not overlook the importance of a belt. One of the most common mistakes committed by any guy is to wear the belt wrong and mess up the entire look. Whereas a belt can be an essential way to jazz up your style. Before you choose the belt for yourself,

there is a norm that one must follow and it says that: always buy a belt 2 inches greater than your waist size.

Here are the top 8 best belt brands in the World:-

1. GAP

If you love belts as accessories and want to have some of the most iconic pieces in your wardrobe, then this brand is worth it. GAP has been one of the classical & Expensive belt brands since its inception. Internationally acclaimed as one of the favourite belt brands of celebrities, this brand never fails to amaze the consumers with new and unique belt designs.

Founded Year – 1969

Founder – Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher

Headquarters – San Francisco, California, United States

2. Tommy Hilfiger

One of the best brands for belts. If you love unique stylish yet classy designs this is the best choice. Each collection from this suit brands is a super stylish piece that clubs together classic designs and trendy motifs. They have belts almost for all occasions. So you can literally fill your wardrobe with Tommy Hilfiger belts.

Founded Year – 1985

Founder – Mr. Tommy Hilfiger

Headquarters – Amsterdam, Netherland

3. Allen Solly

If your fashion taste is subtle and you live genuine product with less flaunt, fewer designs but more classy, then go for belts from Allen Solly. This does not mean that their collection is mundane but it reflects maturity. Allen Solly has the perfect collection of belts for corporate wear. The price is a bit towards the high but definitely their collection is worth featuring and one must have at least one Allen Solly belt in their wardrobe.

Founded Year – 1744

Founder – William Hollin and Co. Ltd

4. Gucci

That interlocking G sign flaunting your bottom wear and the waistline is perhaps the most ubiquitous and conspicuous accessory you could ever own. To be very honest, a leather belt from Gucci kissing your waist is a sign of status and symbolic of stardom. Undoubtedly it could be the best top sunglasses brands you will ever come across. This style statement establishing highly fashionable brands that are mostly carved out of Italian Leather and ready to give you the best look ever. The belts mostly carry a classic yet contemporary look and never go out of fashion.

Founded Year – 1906

Founder – Guccio Gucci

Headquarters – Florence, Italy

5. Louis Vuitton

If you are looking for a belt that not only speaks of luxury or solid colors but has got beautiful designs then go for the legendary belts from Louis Vitton. Bringing an upswell in the fashion industry since 1888, Louis Vitton has been celebrated for its prints and patterns on belts especially monograms and Damier prints.

Founded Year – 1854

Founder – Mr.Louis Vuitton

Headquarters – Paris

6. Armani

Most of the belt brands have always focused on creating belts for men. However, the best belts for women often comes from the brand of Armani. They have a typical style to couple prints with the use of velvet. And if you love this combination, this brand is for you. From formal wear to collection for prom nights, you can find a multitude of style collection at Armani.

Founded Year – 1854

Founder – Giorgio Armani

Headquarters – Milan, Italy

7. Levi’s

No introduction is needed for the global fashion icon brand of top fashion designers, the name that nobody forgets, and the collection that everyone adores. Levis has been coming up with some of the most unique, out of the box and supreme belt ideas that could drive you crazy in fashion. Perfectly exclusive collection to star your wardrobe is back again with a plethora of collection.

Founded Year – 1853

Founder – Levi Strauss

Headquarters – san Francisco, California

8. Prada

The forever favorite English luxury brand that causes a fashion explosion every time it launches a collection. It has given birth to the most fashionable belts of the era especially celebrated for its Saffiano Leather Collection.

Founded Year – 1913

Founder – Mario Prada

Headquarters – Milan, Italy

So, which brand is your next destination for the perfect belt?


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