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How to wear a Suit – Men’s Suit Wearing rules for Professionals

Men are as many fashionistas as women are. And a nice suit makes a man look far more handsome than any other business attire for men. Men look the best in suits but there are various conventions that can make men’s suiting better and draw more attention

Always keep the last button of your suit open: Most men are not aware that the last button of their suit is for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their suit and needs not to be buttoned up always. You can keep it open in fact you should keep it open. It will not only exaggerate the personality but also enhance the beauty of the suit

Never Sit Down with Buttoned up Suits:-

Whenever sitting down, unfasten the buttons. If you sit without unfastening the buttons you will not look cool and look like a stuffed package instead. Sitting down is a less formal posture and unfastening the suit buttons makes the sitting posture comfortable, convenient, and more stylish. It also gives an insight into the beautiful shirt you are wearing underneath the suit. It is good for the image.

Pay Special Attention to the Accessories:-

You cannot pair your sneakers or fitness band with your suit. It will look odd and will reflect on the poor fashion sense of the wearer. Top Watches brands that are paired with suits need to be absolutely the best and reflect style at its best. Remember that while wearing a suit most of the body parts get already covered up and it is only the wrist that is exposed and that is where you should play the masterstroke with the watch and the popular shoe brands. The choice of the watches and shoes you pair up with your suit also reflects your personality and is a clear manifestation of your style. The color of your shoes should complement your suit color. The socks should always cover your legs. These are very small details but add charm to your overall suit look. With colors, you can try a few mic and matches but definitely stay away from weird and excessively prominent color contrasts.

The Shoulders have to be in Place:-

The suit is meant to describe your silhouette in the best way. The shoulders of your should necessarily stay in place with your shoulder contour rather than hug your shoulders properly. It enhances the appeal of the suit and boosts the personality by manifolds. It is the fit of the suit that describes it worth and definitely a lot of that rests on your shoulders. Also if you want to look best in any suit, you have to bid farewell to the baggy fit. The slim fit is the new trend for Top Suiting brands in India and it definitely is the best to make you look appealing. The suit should define your body boundaries and a loose fit is definitely not going to achieve that properly.

It is not the Suit Alone:-

For creating an impact, it is not only the suit but also the tie, belt, and waistcoat that has to be in place. A formal men’s suit brands suit is not a single piece of garment. In order to achieve that desirable aura, everything else has to be in place. It is teamwork. The tip of the tie should closely touch the belt buckle. It enhances the corporate look and takes you closer to perfection. Not only the tie but the waistcoat should also finish close to the belt. This creates the illusion of a flat stomach. And come on, like who wouldn’t like that look? There is also a small tip regarding suspenders. If you are wearing a suspender to hoist up your trousers, there is no need to tuck in an extra belt. Don’t indulge in extra accessories because that will end up ruining your look.

Now it is about to end with three tit-bits of advice:

  • Always wear a contrast-colored tie with your suit. This creates an excellent image
  • The tie knot should be of the appropriate size. Not too big nor too small
  • Don’t ever let the shirt cuffs go over the hands

With so much information on your plate, I am sure you are going to rock your suit look the next time you wear it.


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