A company picnic is a tricky occasion. We usually associate picnic with cool and casual dress whereas when you are among your company colleagues and bosses you do need to maintain a dress code. That is where the problem lies with the clothes for a company picnic. Whatever you wear has to be a perfect blend of casual and formal. Not only the dress but the accessories and makeup that you do should go well with the occasion.

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Little things to be kept in mind while choosing your company picnic attire are:-

  • Don’t be too casual in choosing the dress. Always avoid short dresses as it may not be appropriate to wear short dresses among senior members of the company
  • You can choose mid-length skirts or casual trousers. For the tops, keep in mind that the fabric should be light. You can choose a vibrant color hues. Dark or light shades both are appropriate. Choose the prints according to the weather conditions
  • You can take a lightweight shrug along with you. Put on the shrug for a classy look when not in any activity, during sports and games you can take it off.
  • Avoid very heavy jewellery. It will not go with the purpose or the dress. Choose very light and flimsy jewellery. You can choose colourful ones as they match well with outdoor activities. Studs can be really good options when it comes to jewellery. You can also wear very light chains
  • Sunglasses is must when it comes to picnic. It not only enhances your look but is an object of great utility especially for picnics. Big stylish sunglasses are good enough to rock your look for the picnic.
  • Follow some etiquette while dressing up for company picnic. Though there is no fixed dress code, yet there is a code. Just keep in mind not to wear anything that you would wear to a club or party.
  • You can also wear a hat, even a large one. It goes very well with picnic attires. It will protect you of the sun rays and also give a classy look. You can rock the look with a proper hat.
  • The probable types of dresses that you should avoid are the backless and halters, crop tops and belly shirts. Sleeveless is good to go but you can even pair them with some jackets and shrugs. Fancy flared tops with bizarre prints are also a big no.
  • Denim is probably the best options for company picnics. Be it denim trousers or skirts. You can even pair them up with normal casual tees
  • Simple tees paired with some sassy jackets can also give a great look. Whatever you wear, just take care of the neckline. Don’t have to be too daring in this aspect.
  • The best way to choose your picnic attire is avoiding over dressing as well as dressing scantily. A perfect balance is the correct choice. Let your picnic style be chic and stylish. Your style will represent you.