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Handbag care tips – how to take care of luxury bags

Handbag care:-

When clothes say lot about wearer, accessories also tell about your style, fashion sense and level of confidence you are carry with yourself while facing the whole world.

Handbags are visible definition of women success.

Top 5 things of women that clearly showcase about her successful life and confidence she is carrying –

1. Her entire look (her sense of dressing).
2. Her Jewellery (her beauty of grace).
3. Her watch (her habit of punctuality).
4. Her Handbags (her class and fashion sense).
5. Her high heel shoes  (her walk of confidence).

Thus a good designer jewellery and handbag can make you look attractive, can get you treated seriously and can cause people to listen to you and to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

Buying designer, luxurious handbag is not enough to keep up your style. They demand extra care and your attention as well, to keep them too look new every time, you decide to pick it to carry.

Every girl’s women’s handbag carries a lot of stuff – necessary/unnecessary

Most of Handbag’s top layer have old receipts/tissues,lip balms/cosmetics, mouth fresheners, food stuff, at the bottom important papers, car keys etc. So, handbags do need your care like jewellery care and regular cleanliness.

In one of my previous article I have already shared with you some tips to take care of your precious jewellery collection.
So, in this article

I will be sharing with you the tips on how to take care of your expensive luxurious designer handbags collection, which is close to your heart:-

1. While buying a perfect handbag for yourself, always go for top brands as they design bags keeping in mind the quality, style and on-going trends of fashion market. Also, keep in mind durability, style and affordability while picking your dream piece.Moreover, luxurious top branded handbag can make your life more pleasant, can make you dream and can show society that you are doing well in your life

2. Keep your handbag clean by taking care of small things like:-

a. Know you handbag’s leather/ material so that you are well aware of how to clean it regularly.

b. Use cosmetics bag/pouch to carry cosmetics in your handbag to avoid staining the linings of your bags.

c. Store it well in a upright position in dust bag, in a cool and dark place away from direct sunlight recommended to do it after every usage. Learn also – Jewellery cleaning tips

NOTE – Never store them in plastics

d. Stuff your bag with tissues or soft clothing’s to keep up its shape

e. Never ever use any random chemical to clean you bag. use only recommended, high quality cleaner as per your bag’s material.

NOTE – Always recommended to test chemical/cleaner on tiny, inconspicuous area of you bag, before using it all over.

f. Dab of the water (never ever wipe-off) on your handbag immediately and let it dry naturally under room air (never under direct sunlight or by using any artificial heat like hair dryer or air heater)

g. Always switch-up your bags (rotate them regularly to minimise its wear and tear

h. Deal with stains as per the ‘nature of stain’, like fresh ink/dirt stain-gently erase the spot with white eraser. on grease stain-apply talcum powder and chalk powder and leave it overnight. For Stubborn stains-leave them for professionals to handle.

3. Try to never carry jewellery and zipper in your bags as it can scratch your bag’s metal hardware.

4. Maintaining/practising daily handbag maintenance routine can further help you in keeping them always look new and fresh and life long.follow following best daily practices to let your handbags breathe freely:-

a. Do not touch your handbag if you hand are dirty or greasy, specially immediately after using hand cream or moisturiser. so always make to wait.

b. Never place them on floor, as bottoms of bags are hardest to clean if gets dirty. Moreover, your this habit can give a new home to the germs.

c.Avoid placing them under direct sunlight.

d. for Suede bags always use sued brush to clean.

e. Regularly use leather moisturisers to keep it fresh, shiny and free from cracks.

f. Every time after usage, try to clean/wipe your bag with the soft cloth.

5. Never every overfill your handbag and avoid carrying them in wrong way.

6. Never every use baby wipes to clean your handbag

7. In humid climate conditions, air them out regularly in an air conditioned room, after every 24 hours period to prevent mold. Give them silicon treatment and invest it in a good dehumidifier

8. Keep them away from the reach of pets and children

9. If possible use handbag organiser, and it is always recommended because this can protect your bag from unexpected spillages, can provide more space and pockets for your belongings.

10. Avoid harsh odours like smoking while carrying your bags as it is the hardest smell to eliminate.

11. Never carry while bag/light colored bag if you are wearing new clothes from top kurti brands, to avoid transfer stains(specially new jeans).

12. At last the most important tip to care your lovely handbag-‘prevention is better than cure’, i.e. be sure to protect your bag from the very first day you bring it home.

So, there you go! long list of tips to keeps your designer bags healthy, fresh and glowing for ages. I hope by this article will be of great help to you, the tips are simple and very easy to follow.

Always remember-“you can’t happiness but you can buy handbags.That’s pretty much the same thing”.So love them and take good care of them.


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