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Five Types of Fashion Designing Courses for Glamorous Career

Types of Fashion Designer Courses

Fashion designing is one of the most promising courses with a profound prospect in recent days. If you truly have a sense of fashion and want to pursue your journey of being a famous fashion designers, you can opt for the best fashion designing courses and give your career all the boost it needs.

When it comes to professional fashion designing courses, there is truly a plethora to choose from. You can explore potential options and develop your knowledge and skill on the same to help you prosper further in this avenue.

Let us now go through the multiple types of fashion designing courses that are mostly pursued in India and which one of them you can choose to get the best career for yourself.

There are primarily five main types of fashion designing courses that are practiced in India. Different professionals have different types of specializations and their tracks are also quite diverse.

Each of these courses are skillfully designed by the universities to offer nothing but the best understanding of fashion designing to the students. The courses usually wave flags at the undergraduate level.

Here are the top 5 fashion designing undergraduate and post graduate courses in India that can help individuals secure a very good place in the world of fashion designing:

  • B.Des – Bachelor of Design
  • B.F Tech
  • M.Des
  • M.FTech
  • M.FM

Undergraduate Types Fashion Designing Courses After 12th

1. B.Des – Bachelor of Design

This is the most talked about and opted course in fashion designing. It is a four years spanning undergraduate course that comes with multiple specializations.

The course has a multivariate scope. Students pursuing the B.Des degree can actually get a chance to try their hand at various aspects of designing and work as interns with the leading fashion and Top Indian Jewellery designers to improvise their career options.

B.Des is quite a broad degree and it has multiple specialization subsets such as:

  • B.Des in Fashion Designing
  • B.Des in Textile and Apparel Design
  • B.Des in Knitwear Design
  • B.Des in Product Design

2. B.F Tech

The second most popular course choice among the fashion designer aspirants is the B.Ftech degree or Bachelors in Fashion Technology. This one is also a 4 years spanning undergraduate degree course. The course blends two aspects of fashion designing – technical knowledge and fashion design creativity.

In this course, the students are offered ample knowledge on the entire sphere of design – conceptualization, designing and commercialization of fashion products – from clothing to accessories. This is a one stop course for almost all fashion designing aspirants.

Most high end fashion designing institutes conduct rigorous screening entrance examinations for an entry into this course. This course opens the gateway for students in two directions – either they could pursue higher education on a post graduate level or they could directly join internships and jobs.

After the completion of the undergraduate courses, students either go for higher studies or join the professional world. Here are

Types of Masters or Postgraduate Fashion Designing Courses:

3. M.Des

Masters of Designing course is the post graduate extension of the B.Des course. It is a two year academic course that also involves some research work. It gives an intense insight into the fashion world of, its functioning and whereabouts. It is mostly pursued by aspirants who have a keen interest in the fashion field.

4. M.FTech

This course is designed for professionals who are exclusively searching for various tiers of technical as well as managerial jobs in the famous shopping streets in the world. This course is much more wholesome than many other contemporary courses because it is wholesome and has a better holistic approach towards the study. Students who want to back the high profile jobs in the fashion industry are more prone and keen on joining this course.

5. M.FM

For the professionals who want to start with the management jobs in the fashion industry, the M.FM course is probably best suited and designed – Masters of Fashion Management. It is a comprehensive course that focuses greatly on the management arenas of fashion business and marketing.

Apart from the degree courses, there are multiple diploma and certification courses that prepare a student for the professional fashion industry. Diploma in Fashion and Lifestyle Entrepreneurship, PG Diploma in Fashion Design, Diploma in Fashion Design and Management are some of the best professional diploma courses to get started with your journey in the Fashion World.


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