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Earrings as per face shape

Earrings for your face shape:-

How many times have you winked looking at an earring whether it will suit your face or not?

We always prioritise the vent, the dress, and the look when it comes to choosing an earring. But there is a huge factor that we often end up neglecting. It is our face shape. Yes, you heard it right. The face shape and earring style that you choose has a very close interplay – a relation you cannot deny. So, next time you are about to buy an earring of top Indian jewellery designers, make sure you simply do not go by the looks. Actually, that is all about style, you need to abide by complementary. Not everything is made for you and neither your body contours suit everything.

Let us have a look at the various face types and the type of earring which fits accordingly:-

Earrings suitable for round face or full Face:-

If you have a plump face that is mostly circular with full cheeks, then the one thing you should avoid is large circular chunky pieces. Go for something that will create an illusion of a slim face. Kundan earrings are best suited for you. Hoops and button studs are not well fit for you. These pieces will make the roundness of your face more prominent that is definitely unwanted. Also, try to avoid round disc-shaped earrings. They won’t justify your look instead make your face look even fuller.


Earrings for Narrow Face:-

People with narrow or long faces often find it difficult to choose the best design for themselves. Kundan earrings are well suited for such faces but not all types. If you have a long, narrow, and slim face then go for the ones which define the width of your face. Studs especially the round ones can be a good choice. Short-round danglers can also be a good option. You can also choose medium to large-sized hoops for making your face look round and full. Medium-sized jhumkas can be the best option for, such people.

earrings for narrow face

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Earrings for square shaped face:-

For people whose facial dimensions are the same that means forehead, cheeks, and jawline all have the same dimensions, choosing the perfect earring can be difficult. The jawline often stands out prominently for such people and the edges are too sharp. The goal while choosing the best earrings for such people should be to pick the ones that will soften the edges of the face. It will best suit you if you choose a bit long earrings and the ones which have rounded edges. Choosing symmetrical square-shaped earrings and big studs is the biggest mistake such people can commit. Round, circular and oval-shaped earrings are best suited for such people.


Best earrings for oval face shape:-

If you have a medium forehead that is neither too big nor too wide and your chin tapers towards the bottom, then you have an oval-shaped face. Oval-shaped faces are the most versatile and practically any type of earring can complement such a face. You don’t have to panic about how to choose the best type of earring for yourself. Cheekbones are the best part of nay oval face and any type of earring right from studs to hoops, too symmetrical earrings can get along well with your face contour.


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Heart shaped face earrings:-

You have a unique heart-shaped face if your forehead is wider than your cheek so the basic dimension of your face becomes tapering towards the bottom that is narrowing down towards the chin. The best type of earrings for such faces is definitely teardrop and chandelier. In such types of pieces, the focus is on the bottom and that alone pulls off the prettiness of heart-shaped faces. The pro tip is to avoid any inverted earrings as they do not comply well with the natural symmetry of the face. The ultimate goal while choosing earrings for such face types will be to reestablish the natural balance of the face that already exists.

heart-shaped-face -earrings

If you have already figured out what is the shape of your face, then you must have also coined out the best earring for yourself. A perfect earring can add to the detail of your face and highlight the natural face sculpture that enhances the beauty by manifolds. Choosing the wrong earring styles can literally be disastrous and you must never fall into the trap.


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