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Libas Brand History

This glamorous Indian label was started in 2004 by the famous fashion designers in India Reshma and Riyaz Gangji. They are extremely well known across the globe and especially in India because Libas is the first Indian textile label that got enlisted in the National Stock Exchange. Reema Deepak Vrade is the executive director of the brand.

Libas is the iconic brand if you believe in the beauty and mesmerizing fashion of Indian traditional wear. Ethic Indian dresses stitched with expertise and weaved out of the perfect plush material reflecting the true colors of our tradition – that is Liba in one single statement. Libas as a brand believes in three pillars – fine fabric, perfect weaving, and fashionable print – that is quality twinning with style. Each piece from the house of Libas is handpicked especially for the lively customers to flaunt themselves in. Through its beautiful and classy designs and prints, Libas upholds the rich Indian tradition.The clothes from Libas are a perfect mix of style and modernism of the Indian women.

Libas also prioritizes comfort beyond anything else. Each of the pieces is stylish and comfortable. The cut, the stitch, and the fabrics are a mix of true fashion. The most popular collection lines from the house of Libas are:

  • Ajrakh
  • Rooh
  • Nazm
  • Nazaaqat
  • Gul
  • Indigo Story
  • Noor
  • Embroidery
  • Gota Patti
  • Khari Print
  • Ajrakh
  • Schiffli

Each of these collections speaks of the grandeur of Indian craftsmanship. They are traditional pieces from the core of Indian textile art and shaped in a new way by Libas to meet the demands of today’s women. The fascinating embellishment of the fabrics is woven into the framework of what Indian women love to wear today.

What Does Libas Weave?

Libas means “the Dress”. The brand, therefore, tries to uphold its name and brand integrity by always trying something new and unique. Their out-of-the-box ideas for dresses and weaves are simply fascinating taking aback users of almost all kinds. The prints, the stitch, and the beautiful combinations are enough to glorify your individual style. Here are a few categories of dresses that you would mostly avail of from Libas:


When speaking of Indian traditional dress and Indian textile integrity, the suit is the most prominent and prevailing name that occurs in our mind. The three-piece salwar, kameez, and dupatta combo is a face of Indian ethnic wear. Libas has a range of some awes trucking suits(both stitched and unstitched) that reflect style and fashion in the best way. They have both vintage and modern collections to help you flaunt your style in your own way. Some of the most famous suit types from Libas are :

  • Anarkali
  • ALine
  • Churidars
  • Salwars
  • Palazzos
  • Cigarette Pants


Women of all ages love to wear kurtas. In today’s fast life,it is one of the handiest andeasy-to-go dresses for everyday use as well as festive wear. Libas has a unique range of ladies Kurtis brands and kurtas each of premium quality and timeless fashion. The kurtas are of varying sleeve lengths, cuts, patterns, and prints. Each one has a story to tell. manifest your style in the most unique way with the kurta collection from Linas. Experiment with your style and emerge as the true fashion diva. Choose from the widest range of hemlines and necklines and give your fashion journey a new destination.


One of the most sought-after Indian ethnic wear is the saree. There is perhaps not one single Indian woman whose wardrobe does not feature a fantastic saree collection. Sarees are our heritage. Saree brands in India are passed down the generations as an inheritance treasure. A saree is not just a yard of drake,instead,it has stories to tell and emotions about the harbor in every fold and crease. Timeless drapes from the collection of Libas feature materials like silk, chiffon, and cotton. Each piece shouts out unparallel culture and grace.


The needs and tastes of modern Indian women are evolving fast. Today we need to step out and every time it is not possible to wear ethnic dresses. Taking a bus to the office or going for some casual day-outs-dresses are perfect to go for any purpose. Fusion dresses that still speak of ethnicity are one of the most unique ranges of collections from the house of Libas. The coll,breezy fabrics, and colors enhance the decency and the elegance of the dresses even more. Tryout some super comfortable and amazing dresses from Libas for any occasion and be the stunner

Ethnic Bottoms

Having talked about the dresses and kurtas a lot, let us now focus a bit on the ethnic bottoms. Kurtas or suit pieces would remain incomplete without perfect bottom wear. Libas houses a treasure box of Indian ethnic bottoms – Salwar pants, cigarette pants, palazzos, shararas, leggings brands and many more to complement the Indian ethnic dresses in the best way. The rich colors and ethnic accents are amazingly uplifted by the vast range of ethnic bottom wear collections from the house of Libas.

Libas also manufactures some truly fantastic plus-size collections. Stylish plus-size ethnic Indian wear collections are surely amazing. There are plenty of cits, prints, and fabrics awaiting you toget stylish.

Libas-Fashion Statement

Here are some of the most prominent fashion ideas promoted by Libas:

  • Flaunt your silhouette: Every silhouette is perfect and with the dresses from Libas you can look stylish and gorgeous whatever your body shape or skin color. You are a goddess just the way you are.
  • Flamboyancy: Style is all about flaunting it. Speak of your style through your dresses. Opt for flares and reinvent your personal style.
  • Pastels: A beautiful dress needs not always be shining or heavily embroidered. A simple block print kurta canal so jazz your style. At Libas,pastel shades receive ample importance and are a part of their eminent collection
  • Play With Colours: Libas is one of those brands that believe in totally out-of-the-boxcolor combinations. Their collection experiments with totally opposite colors giving birth to something never seen before.

Your style track now receives the finest destination with Libas.


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