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Jaypore Brand History Or Biography

Jaypore Brand Story –

  • Jaypore is one of the most popular brands that speak of Indian ethnicity, culture and uniqueness. Jaypore connects the buyers to some of India’s most beautiful products handcrafted by artisans who have been keeping the local art of India alive.
  • The brand tries hard to bring together modern contemporary fashion demands and the cultural beauty of traditional Indian clothing. They claim themselves as storytellers ready to weave their stories and tales and cater to their clients with amazingly stunning products.
  • The core idea of Jaypore is to highlight Indian craftsmanship and present local Indian designs to the world in the most dazzling fashion. They sell a plethora of product lines, such as apparel, artificial jewellery brands in india, accessories, home decor and vintage products.
  • Jaypore is not just about selling some Indian stuff globally, it is also a reflection of the beauty and authenticity of Indian products and presenting them as fashionable to Indians and the world. The brand tries to connect us with our roots and cultural heritage.

Jaypore Founders – Puneet Chawla and Shilpa Sharma

  • Jaypore is the brainchild of Puneet Chawla and Shilpa Sharma. On December 2011, both of them conceived the idea of Jaypore – an e-commerce brand that will rediscover the ethnic fashion industry of India – the ones that we have heard of for ages.
  • The founders were based in Delhi, so the first office of the brand was in the country’s capital. Soo, an old Delhi haveli was turned into their office.
  • This place at Shahapur Jat became the residence of Jaypore, where Puneet, Shipa and a clan of, their friends, started working on the label. On several occasions, Puneet Chawla had mentioned how meagre their early set-up was, reflecting zero luxury compared to the brans. Their prime focus was setting up the label, and they had to compromise on the budget for a lavish office setting.

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  • The company’s initial days were humble, but the founders Shilpa and Puneet were convinced that the idea would be a jackpot if appropriately executed. Before Jaypore, Puneet was already involved in the fashion apparel industry – focusing on trading Indian clothes, and his target audience was the NRI base.
  • This business gave him an insight that while it was hard to convince the resident Indians to shop local and uplift traditional Indian artistry, it was pretty easy to sell clothes of traditional Indian origin to the NRIs because there was an emotional gig involved. The non-residents felt this traditional apparel kept them closely knotted to their motherland.
  • The founders have revealed that their objective was to reduce operational costs as much as possible. The team would work for hours to devise ways of getting things done with minimum spending. Another major challenge was an online store in 2011. During that phase in India, e-commerce had become famous, but only for brands with a physical store presence.

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  • Jaypore, on the other hand, was the only online store. The success was skeptical. Also, in 2011, setting up online e-commerce stores was not as easy as it is today, there was a need for massive investment in the online marketing of the brand. Also, trust was a significant issue when shipping to the US since the customers feared overseas shipping could be problematic. However, with time, they overcame all the obstacles.
  • The three pillars that Jaypore resided on – even today are – Honesty, Quality and Love for Customers. They refrain from manipulations and claim to indulge in transparent business with values and morals as the guiding spirit that also reflects our Indian morals.
  • Jaypore was launched in India in 2013 after the brand gained a strong foothold in the market by shipping products to the US. Since they strongly believed in making Indians feel at home anywhere, overseas trading was the most vital part of their business model, bringing them considerable success.

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Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. Acquired Jaypore

In 2019, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. acquired the ethnic apparel and lifestyle retailer Jaypore, and the deal was fixed at 110 crores Indian Rupees. The Jaypore B2B e-commerce brands now belong to the portfolio of the Aditya Birla Group. In 2019, the company had a turnover of 39 crore Indian rupees, a natural deterioration from its average earning of 41 crore Indian rupees in the past few years.


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