Amethyst gemstone benefits


Benefits of the amethyst gemstone:- Amethyst is a very well-known variety of quartz. Everyone is fascinated by the sparkling violet color of the stone.  It is the birthstone for the people of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Initially amethyst was very expensive and its price matches with top expensive diamonds in the world but later on …


Garnet stone benefits


Benefits of garnet gemstone:- A fiery stone which energies your life and surrounds your life with a shield of protection is a Garnet. Priests have been recommending garnets since time immemorial to soldiers because it was a common belief that wearing this translucent stone can protect you against wounds and heal them. If you don’t …


Interesting gemstones facts


Interesting facts about gemstones:- Gemstones have been instigating fascination and curiosity since time immemorial. The myriad vistas of gemstones are nothing less than a whole fantasy world. Gemstones are far more than simple beautifying objects. So, tighten your seat belts as we get over this amazing journey of enriching your knowledge about gemstones. Gemstones are …