Health Benefits of Wearing Jewellery

Women wear ornaments or jewelry not just to complete her looks, or to show-off her status and style, but also for her good health. Quite surprised to know this….? But yes, jewelry also Play a very important role in maintaining the good health of women. It Holds Special Healing Powers which helps in maintaining the good health of a Women.

Let’s discuss them briefly below:


Nerves of our body are connected to each other. The ring finger has a nerve that gets connected to the heart through brain and metal too is considered good for health. Also, it’s a sign of promise between two souls to live together happily for forever.


Earrings come in many types of varieties like- Tops, Bali, Jhumki, etc.  The nerve connects three main body parts- kidney, brain and cervical and this nerve passes from the ear lobe. Thus, parents get girl’s ears pierced at a very young age.


Bangles are worn in hands by women. Bangles increase the blood circulation in the body and it doesn’t let charges of the body go out.


It helps to breathe regularly and comfortably. Marathi women are always spotted with nose rings.

NECKLACE/ Mangalsutra:

Her necklace makes women look more graceful, gorgeous and beautiful. Mangalsutra is the identification of a married woman. It sits above the heart, thus it regularizes the blood circulation in the body. It’s a promise of the husband to wife to keep her happy ever in life.


It makes very melodious sound and silver is a good conductor of energy and it works as a mediator between two types of energies, i.e., earth and the human body. It gives more energy to woman and passes her negative energy to earth.


It is worn in the second toe of either foot. This ornament helps in keeping menstrual cycle regular and in conceiving process.


It controls the heat of our body.


It helps to control extra fat of belly from all sides. It is nowadays is knows as belly chain.

So, jewelry plays a very significant role in women’s life.