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Interesting gemstones facts

Interesting facts about gemstones:-

Gemstones have been instigating fascination and curiosity since time immemorial. The myriad vistas of gemstones are nothing less than a whole fantasy world. Gemstones are far more than simple beautifying objects. So, tighten your seat belts as we get over this amazing journey of enriching your knowledge about gemstones.

  1. Gemstones are actually formed by the metamorphosis of rocks. Under great natural pressures, different minerals metamorphose or change their appearance to form a gemstone and its color . Thus, each piece pf gemstone is a rare collection from nature’s own brand. There are different types of gemstones like igneous gemstones, organic gemstones and secondary gemstones depending upon their formation
  2. The first usage of gemstones can be dated back to the 1600 BC. The Greeks and Romans were the first people to use gemstones. Back in those days, the gemstones were used not as ornaments but as metaphysical objects with rare physio-chemical properties. Later on, gemstones became objects that were only possessed by the upper strata of society and hence were purely indicative of status, wealth and power. They were also used as barter system exchange objects. They are used as good luck charms even to this day and continue to evoke an ocean of myths and stories.
  3. The Egyptians were the first people who popularised the use of gemstones as objects to be featured in the ornaments. It was none other than the greatest queen of Nile – Cleopatra who fell in love with green gemstones. But it wasn’t emerald that was her favourite, instead it was peridots. The hue of peridot is lighter than emerald. Since then the use of emeralds has been extremely popular in the Egyptian society and is associated with good luck and beauty.
  4. The gemstone which has conquered the earth is undoubtedly the diamond. Not only is diamond the most exotic gemstone, it is also the hardest one. Diamond is the best gemstone that you can use for daily usage because of its incredible strength. The Sergio diamond found in Brazil is the largest diamond ever found. The fancy vivid pink is the most expensive diamond that was ever sold. It is actually a diamond of 59.6 carats that was mined in south Africa. When diamonds were discovered for the first time, the ancients Greeks labelled them as the solidified form of god’s tears.
  5. Pearls are second in status after diamond in terms of exquisiteness. A pearl is formed within a mollusk that is a marine organism. It takes almost more than 2 years to form one single pearl. The pearls are the most expensive organic gemstones that are currently available. Check out this article – If you want to learn about pearl identification.


  1. Gemstones are believed to be associated with the planets. Hence, it is often prescribed by astrologers to wear a gemstone on your finger to bring back good luck through the positive energy of the planets. Rubies are believed to be promoters of good luck, health and prosperity. Sapphires are associated with the energy from planet Saturn. Amazonite is regarded as the prosperity stone which is believed to induce the inflow of money and material wealth. Quartz especially red quartz is associated with the development of love life and strengthening of bonds between lovers. moonstones are believed to bring back fortune and turquoise is believed to make marital ties immortal. That is why, turquoise stones are gifted as wedding anniversary gifts.
  2. Gemstones are also believed to be healing for the health. This specific process is known as crystal healing. It is prevalent in many cultures across the globe and is predominantly popular in fengshui. The rose quartz crystal is well known to control the ill effects of obesity and also have a healing effect on skin by reducing acnes and wrinkles. Aquamarine on the other hand is a gemstone mostly recommended for calming the nerves, cooling the brain and soothing the aches in different parts of the body. Red coral is associated with the positive energy from Mars which fills the body with energy.

Crystals are amazing in all aspects and are the most expensive ornamental objects in the earth. Though their power to impact people’s lives remains debatable, their beauty remains unformidable in all eras


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