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Benefits of wearing emerald for weak mercury

Emerald stone also known by the name Panna, is one of the most exquisite and elegant gemstones. It has innumerable benefits on the wearer and improves almost every aspect of a person’s life.

Here are some of the notable benefits of the emerald stone:-

  • Emerald or Panna is appropriate for those who have Mercury as their ruling planet. Astrologers also suggest this stone to all those who have Mercury in an unfavourable position in their birth chart. Mercury is an essential determinant of multiple aspects of life, and hence it is imperative to restore the strength of Mercury in your natal chart. It is a common observation that people who have strengthened their Mercury through the positive impacts of emerald witness soaring luck and improvement in life.

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  • The positive energy induced by Panna can elevate a person’s creativity and skills. If you are an artist or working hard to improve your skills in the field of art and music, there can be nothing better than an emerald. Emerald improves the linguistic, innovation skills of the wearer. Mercury is one of the most important houses for improving artistic skills.

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  • Emerald is known to have an excellent effect on the speech capabilities of a person. So, if you are facing any speech-related problems, you can opt for emerald. There are many people out there who have a fear of public speaking or are extreme introverts. Such issues might pose a negative impression of the person, especially in professional life. Emerald can put an end to all these concerns. It is an excellent option if you are planning to improve your communication skills or be engaged in professions like oratory.

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  • If you have chronic respiratory ailments such as asthma, you must wear a Panna. Emerald exerts a positive effect on the respiratory system. Emerald is excellent to preserve the overall well being of the person.


  • Mercury is the master or ruler of this gemstone. Mercury is associated with the intellect and intelligence of a person. Wearing an emerald can help to boost your emotional intelligence and help you gain a superior intellect. Many people lack a balance in their outlook and character. Emerald is perfect for all of them. It calms the mind and helps a person to make better decisions. Hence emerald is considered very lucky for entrepreneurs or policymakers who are at the supreme power and entitled to take important decisions.


  • Some people are affected immensely by emotional toxicity and cannot move forward efficiently. If you have been betrayed in your personal life and cannot cope with the subsequent stress or anxiety, a Panna is perfect for you. The positive vibes of the emerald will act as a guiding light in your life to deal with emotional distress in the best possible way. Emerald will invite calmness and emotional stability in your life. If you want the strength to keep moving ahead in your life and heal your existing scars an emerald is the best one for you.


  • Emerald is mainly prescribed for pregnant women. The positive energy of the emerald is excellent for women who are facing complexities in their pregnancies. Women wearing emerald seem to suffer less due to labor pain.


  • If Information Technology or Astronomy is your field of profession, then an emerald can be miraculously advantageous for you. These professions are places that require plenty of positive vibes to keep achieving milestones and hence emerald is the perfect one for you.


  • Are you struggling with your love life? Emerald fills your love with romanticism and passion. If you want to mend broken ties with your partner or make your life full of charm, emerald is the perfect choice for you. You can also gift it to your partner. The dazzling green color is the symbol of maturity and stability.

Anybody can wear an emerald to improvise their life and luck. However, you must make sure that you consult an expert astrologer before wearing an emerald. It is the birthstone for Geminis and Virgos. However, people from any zodiac can adopt an emerald for the betterment of their life. Emerald is a real beauty.


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