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Amethyst gemstone benefits

Benefits of the amethyst gemstone:-

Amethyst is a very well-known variety of quartz. Everyone is fascinated by the sparkling violet color of the stone.  It is the birthstone for the people of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Initially amethyst was very expensive and its price matches with top expensive diamonds in the world but later on when a large reserve of the stone was discovered, the prices fell down. Amethyst is an all-rounder stone. It establishes balance in every aspect of your life. So, anybody who is stuck in the trap of problems can take help of an amethyst to untangle your life.

  • Amethyst is excellent for relaxation. If you are facing turmoil in your life, an amethyst is what you need. Amethyst is prescribed to all the people who get anxious easily. Amethyst is considered best for those who suffer from hypertension. It also relaxes your muscles and calms your mind. This gemstone is wonderful for peace and diminishes restlessness considerably.
  • Since amethyst is known for its properties to establish a good balance in the body, it is an excellent remedy for establishing hormone balance in the body. 

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  • Hormones are chemical messengers of the body and are responsible for majority of physiological functions. The whole endocrine system of the body is a well-coordinated axis and amethyst helps to restore it. So, if you are suffering from any hormonal dis balance in your body, amethyst is the right stone for you. PCOD, Diabetes and a lot of other lifestyle disorders are results of hormonal dis balance. Wear an amethyst if you are suffering from any of these.

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  • Amethyst is a great detoxifier. Not only physical toxin removal but it also detoxifies your mind of negativities and detrimental thoughts. All the body systems and the overall health remains in a good state when the body is devoid of toxins. Amethyst is extremely powerful in the complete body and mind detoxification.
  • For those of your who are on your weight loss journey, amethyst is simply awesome. The energy of amethyst helps a lot to reduce weight. You can also try to meditate and practice yogasanas by placing an amethyst right next to you. even placing an amethyst stone next to your dining table can help potentially in weight loss. Exercise and a proper diet are the keystones of weight loss but amethyst enhances the benefits of both of these.

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  • Amethyst is also crucially important to the mind. Other than being beneficial to your health, the amethyst is also great for improving the state of mind. It does it by multiple methods the most important being stress relief. Amethyst helps to relieve the mind of stress. So, at the end of the day you are not boggled with the ailing mind.
  • If you are poor at decision making and goal setting, then an amethyst could be perfect for you. lack of confidence and the overbuilding of stress in your and can drift you away from setting and achieving your goals. Overall, an amethyst actually clears our vision. We often feel a lack of coordination between what we feel and how we act. This dilemma creates an obscurity in our vision and refrains us from making the correct choice at the appropriate time. Amethyst brings a clarity of thoughts in us. So, all the entrepreneurs and CEOs out there can make benefit from an amethyst. You can also place an amethyst geode at the work desk for similar results.

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  • An amethyst can cleanse you spiritually and raise your consciousness level. Calming the mind and instilling the serenity in your nerves is the primary job off amethyst. An amethyst actually makes you’re a better person by infusing the sense of relaxation in your mind. It soothes the nerves and body. Many of us try to meditate but are unable to concentrate or sit calmly at a place. Amethyst can help to overcome this. So, of you are really planning to meditate, then sit next to an amethyst geode. It is excellent to cure insomnia. Since, the energy emitted by amethyst is low, it helps the wearer to embrace a sound sleep and thus cure insomnia over the time.
  • A calm mind, fulfilling life rests on the pillars of satisfaction and peace. Amethyst works well for those who have Uranus as the ruling planet.


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