Natural Pearls & its types – Marine and Freshwater Pearl

Types-of-Natural- Pearls

Types of Natural pearls

Marine Pearls

Freshwater Pearls

Types of Marine Pearls:-


1  Tahitian Black pearls

  • The Colour Black Pearls range from Grey to Black and is Technically a South Sea Pearl Cultivated by special Variety of Pinctada Oyster.
  • These are Cultivated in the South Pacific.
  • Tahiti is the leading Producer of top Quality Cultured Pearls and in Other Islands of French Polynesia.


2  Akoya Pearls

  • These type of Pearls Come from Japan and China and are Cultured Pearls.
  • Akoya Pearls are lustrous, round, White Pearls and are more perfectly rounded than other Pearls also have a high lustre.

3  Abalone Pearls

  • Abalone Pearls alike Other Pearls are not produced by Bivalve molluscs but by Cuvalve ear-shaped mollusc.
  • Abalone pearls display a lovely lustre and iridescence in comparison to other varieties of pearls.
  • Abalone pearls are true pearls and rare and beautiful gems.
  • The Colors of ablone pearl ranges from a metallic silvery colour to steel black, Cream, golden, pink and silvery green with pronounced highlights of pink or magenta.
  • The most highly priced and rarest Abalone pearls are peacock blue and green ones.
  • Abalone Pearls are mostly baroque in shape or shape like dongated spheres or like discs or horn or tooth-shaped.
  • Truly round or spherical round abalone pearls are virtually unknown.
  • Most of the above pearls are natural pearls and found in Pacific Coast of United States, Japan, New Zealand, Korea etc.

4 South Sea Pearls

  • These are Cultured pearls produced by large seawater Oyster Pinctada maxima.
  • Most of these pearls are Cultivated in waters of Australia, Indonesia and the Philipines
  • The Species of mollusc producing south sea pearls is rare and supply of pearls in never Certain and these pearls are Expensive.
  • South sea pearls are Cultivated for the longer period and have much thicker nacre coatings than other pearls.
  • The rarest and most expensive Color in south sea pearls is Warren pinkish white but silvery white is more in demand and also very expensive.
  • South Sea Pearls are rare in fine qualities and more expensive than most other pearls & also have the longest life expectancy of any cultured pearl.

5 Burmese Pearls

  • Once Burma was one of the Important producers of south sea pearl and pearls have exceptionally high “Silky lustre” in Comparison to other South Sea Pearls.

  • Due to Political Situation of Burma South Sea Peals are no more Cultivated in Burma.

Types of freshwater pearls

1 Biwa Pearl

  • The most famous freshwater pearl is the Biwa Pearl mussel(Hyriopsis Schlegel) and was native to Lake Biwa in Japan.
  • Biwa pearls were first freshwater non-nucleated Cultured pearls.

2 Cristaria plicata (Cockscomb pearl)

  • Another freshwater mussel from Japan and China is The Cockscomb pearl mussel(Cristaria plicata) and are naturally white but were dyed frequently.


3 Triangle shell pearl

•    The triangle Shell pearl mussel(Hypriopsis Cumingii) from China and is also formed in Japan.

•    The Shell of this Oyster is much thick than Cockscomb and can produce nearly perfect round pearls with good lustre.

•    The European freshwater pearls were produced by the European pearl oyster(margaritifera)

•    This Species was native to


Part of North America

•    These pearls are Smooth and Silvery white with good lustre.

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